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  1. Good Afternoon RX owners, Has anyone encountered this issue with the antenna located in the rear quarter of the passenger side? The AM/FM radio works fine but I would like to run her through an automatic car wash without fear it will get caught up in anything. Thoughts? BK
  2. Good Evening RX300 owners, Did anyone else's center console drink holder come apart? It's not a sturdy part but I'd like to know if anyone has any sensible work arounds especially if you drink coffee or beverages while driving along in the RX300. Thanks, TBK
  3. Great stuff, Church lady. Where is the Silver Bullet now ?
  4. Good Evening Lexus Club Owners, I just acquired the timeless lines of a 2000 RX 300 but I need to replace the driver's side sun visor? I called the local dealership but as you may have surmised, the cost ran to 400 bucks. Thoughts?
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