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  1. Check with any Lexus dealership --- because they all share maintenance records --- to see when the timing belt and water pump were last changed. Lexus recommends changing the timing belt every 90k miles. The dealership recommends concurrently changing the water pump, because they tend to go out from time to time and it is much cheaper to do so when the motor is already opened up. My 2004 LS 430 has 160,000 miles and is the best car I have ever owned, and I have owned a bunch of different brands & models over the years. Regarding the car stereo, I have no recommendation, but did replace
  2. For the outside of the lens, try Maguires lens spray on treatment. You can purchase a cheap $13 lens polishing kit from Harbor Freight, which requires use of a hand drill to polish. Follow with the Maguires, but do so outside --- not in the garage --- because the stuff is potent.
  3. The hood and trunk struts sold by the Lexus dealership were ridiculously expensive. So, I purchased replacement struts for my 2003 LS 430 from Pep Boys for the hood & trunk for less $80. I installed them, which was very easy, although Pep Boys will install them for a minimal fee.
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