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  1. Thanks Toni and All The lens covers are scratched so polish won't work. Have to replace the entire assembly as they don't sell covers. Expensive deal and I think Lexus is running out of them so I will be faced with about a $3000 bill. Probably not.
  2. Some moisture on the inside as well. Only solution is replace entire light assembly-very costly.
  3. Anyone know how to clean up the headlight lens covers? Mine have turned slightly foggy. Toothpaste doesn’t work and I am unsure about using commercial brands. Thanks
  4. Also had this problem with a recent resale I bought. Turns out in my case it was the controller assembly in the dash. Had to replace that at $600 but fixed the problem.
  5. Hi I added 20 inch Verde chrome wheels to my 2007. Unbelievably cool. The tires obviously have to be low profile, Toyo brand, they are great but not run flat so buy a donut spare. Happy to send a picture if you respond. Tom
  6. Anyone have advice on how to clear up yellowed headlight covers? I can’t imagine what new ones cost. Most appreciate.
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