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  1. Thanks for more info. I'm sure its the wrong product but its installed... Yes I would rather be here. Its sunny and in the 80s today and I took the dogs for the duval crawl yesterday. Live music at hogs breath and harry's hair of the dog. Closest thing to pre pandemic life you can see in the US.
  2. Thanks for the input to all. I am the original owner. Vehicle was purchased in new jersey by me when new. There has been no work done on these lights in the past. . The light assembly that was replaced was ordered on amazon. No one in the lower florida keys would do this work for me without me ordering the part. It fit perfectly however the light bulb was not the correct size to attach to the harness or go through the mounting hole. The mechanic took the light from the other side which did not fit the harness or mounting hole. He thought my best bet was just to leave both bulbs out so a
  3. I broke a rear passenger side bumper light (?running light). I called around and the only place that would even look at it told me to order the part and they would install it. Very limited repair options in the lower Florida keys. I ordered the part and he installed it while we chatted. It was an exact fit except for the bulb which was incompatible with the harness and the mounting hole in the fixture. The mechanic told me my best option was to remove the bulb on the other side so I don't get pulled over. Not sure I'm comfortable leaving this as is and I'm not returning to civilization a
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