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  1. Recently I have noticed flickering and dimming on needle lights on my RPM and TEMP gages. Sometimes my RPM gage seems to stick. Has anyone encountered any similar problems? Please post remedies if you know the cause. Thank you.
  2. 99LsGuy, thanks for the help ;) Got a couple questions. Is Dextron III an acceptable substitute for Type-VI? And, is there any other way to drain more than 30%? Pete P.S. The LS does have some shortcomings, but I'm working through it. :)
  3. I need a play-by-play on how to do a ATF flush. After hearing the horror stories of people getting the shaft from "Jiffy Lube" and other Lube shops, I have decided to take on this task myself. Some mechanics I spoke with, do not recommend the flushing techniques used at these lube shops. Anyway, if anyone out there wishes to share the knowledge, please post it on this post :) Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. P.S. Some added illustrations/diagrams/pictures would be nice, but beggars can't be chosers. :) Pete
  4. This is only a pipe dream...but imagine a car with such potential. The technology does exist today to create such a car, so here is my concept of a revolutionary new Lexus. What if Lexus came out with an LS430 with a hybrid engine the burn fuel very effeciently, on a my molecular level using the science of nanotechnology. Such an engine would average anywhere from 75-85mpg. This vehicle would by capable of reaching speeds of up to 170mph. The electric portion of the engine would use a pair of capacitors power the motor at speeds below 45 mph. The capacitors would be continually recharged by
  5. I have persistent problem with the TRAC light ever since I bought my Lexus (1993 LS400). The TRAC light will come on and stay on after a few minutes of driving, stay on for a few days, and then go off for a week or two. I took it the experts (Dealer) and they could not figure out what was wrong, but charged me none-the-less. I have even flushed the brake system myself, but the problem still persist. Has anyone out there experienced a similiar problem? If you have the "silver bullet" for this problem, please, by all means, share the knowledge! Thanks. Pete
  6. 99lsGuy, You are the heat brother. Thanks for the schematics. One more question? Do you think it necessary to bleed the TRAC motor, or is this redundant? Let me know what you think. :) Peter
  7. I appreciate all the help guys, but I have two more question. Where is the Master Cylinder located? And, how do you reset the TRAC code? Bare with me guys, I am a novice auto mechanic ;) Peter.
  8. Anyone out there who knows how to perform a brake system flush? I am getting an erratic TRAC light and someone recommended a system flush. I do not yet have a service manual, so I would need some detailed instruction. Anyone who can help, please post the information on this site. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Peter.
  9. MIGIRDECH and LEXUS, You guys are hilarious. You guys are indeed die-hard Lexus loyalist. With such personal attacks, you would think that I had just insulted your girlfriend's honor (or boyfriend if you swing that way). Lexus deserves some constructive criticism. There are some glaring design flaws as TODLS400 points out. Some of these defects should have warranted a recall (such as the instrument cluster), but Lexus never did that. Instrument cluster malfunction is an inevitable problem with the LS models (1990-1994). The seats in the LS are the most uncomfortable I have ever placed my !R
  10. wwest, Thanks for the info brother. I'll try flushing the system. Much appreciated. Lexuspete
  11. YAEMISH, If you want a good used car, buy a Honda, Volvo or a Volkswagon. You don't want a LS400. The LS is like the old Harleys (nothing but a pain in the !Removed!). The LS400 is handful my friend. Don't know if the other Lexus models fear any better, but first impressions are lasting. I have owned other used cars and never experienced anything like this. You fix one thing and..."Wham"! something else breaks. I think the Japanese must be borrowing technology from Ford and GM.
  12. I own a 1993 Lexus LS400, which seems to have a TRAC malfunction. The light comes on for one or two days, then goes out for a week, but keeps coming back. The malfunction code points to the ECU computer, but it seems to be sending out the proper signals according to the mechanic. Does anybody else have a similiar problem? Send your suggestions my way. Thank you. P.S. Lexus Sucks! :(
  13. "For the love of God"!, why buy a Lexus? Rich people lease these cars, because owning and upkeeping an LS400 would turn them into poor people. But it is evident on this website, that the LS400 does have a loyal following.
  14. Guy, I have a TRAC light that comes on for a couple days, then mysteriously stays off for a week or two, and then rears its head again a day or two. The "experts" extracted the code (faulty ECU), but found nothing electronically wrong with the ECU or the wiring. I would assume that there are probably more of those faulty capacitors inside all the car's computers (including the ECU), but I'm no electrician. A new ECU runs about $1100, and I cannot find a matching used one anywhere, therefore the faulty one stays put. However, I recently had a brake line replaced that a "trusted Lexus mecha
  15. Replaced the discrepant capacitors on circuit boards and problem went away. Just want thank you'll for your suggestions (Curt & Company). Greatly appreciated. :)
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