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  1. can some one please send a copy of the repair manual to the following email: thank you! i have been looking for one for ever. B)
  2. Rotors are in good condition. Did not turn them. Calipers work fine no sticking. I bedded in the pads. No vibrations. Just the grinding noise from driver front when braking hard. i get a grinding noise as well after i put on axxis pads. let me know if you find out what the cause is. i'm going to get my rotors checked out this weekend to see if they are too worn. is there a way to tell if your rotors need to be replaced without measuring them?
  3. i am thinking about purchasing an M3 style lip spoiler for my gs as it gets the driver side repainted due to a hit and run and keying. i've seen some M3 style lip spoilers for under ten dollars on eBay but i am not too confident about the quality. does anyone have experience with them?
  4. hey all, it looks like i've been having a string of bad luck. my driver's side quarter panel and bumper got hit at the beginning of august and that's going to cost me about $1,500 to fix. and tonight as i was about to go out, i saw that there was a long scratch starting from the rear driver side quarter panel and ending at the front fender. the scratch is pretty deep it looks. the layer of silver paint is gone and i see what i believe is the white primer. i am livid! what kind of person would go around keying people's cars. so, this is what i want to ask, can that long scratch be touched up or would i have to repaint every panel (quarter, two driver side doors and fender) that was scratched or would i be able to have it touched up. and if i do have it touched up will i still be able to see where the scratch was and where the touch up paint was applied to? if anyone has had any experience with touching up scratches i would greatly appreciate the input. thanks.
  5. what else do you think it could be? my car does idle high at about 16-18 thousand RPM the first time it's started in the morning after a night. also, my mechanic has replaced th o2 sensor in bank 1 sensor 1 but i do not believe he replaced the one in bank 2 sensor 1. could that be it? thanks much.
  6. Hi everyone, I just visited and I cannot be more glad I own a Lexus instead of a Mercedes! I have had the CEL come on quite a few times for the same problem, P0125 or insufficient engine coolant temp. So, I have had my O2 sensors replaced (did not fix it), then my engine coolant temperature sensor replaced (did not fix it either) and now I have narrowed it down (hopefully correctly) to the thermostat as this code pops up only when the outside temperature is in the 80's to 90's. I will hopefully have it changed this weekend if possible. There are also small little problems like the steering wheel seems loose when I drive over a long patch of uneven road, the clicking of my brakes, and the thumping noise from the front end of my suspension that no one can diagnose (as none of the suspension components are loose.) But these are nothing compared to what some Merc owners have gone through. After having read about the issues Mercedes owners have had, I consider myself pretty lucky for not getting the E-class. Those cars do not even seem driveable. Just on the first page of the S-class (the E-class has many of the same problems) forum I have read about control arms having to be replaced 5 times within 15,000 miles; steering pumps bursting and gushing fluid twice within 6 days; all sorts of little motors going awry; head gaskets leaking at 50,000 miles; rust all over the car; and Mercedes not wanting to help the owners at all! Incredible is it not? I have put about 30,000 miles on my 1999 GS300 now within one year and have been pretty problem free. Hopefully this will continue for the rest of its life! Thank goodness for my reliable chap, the GS300, to bring me the 100 mile round trip to and from work every day! I just wanted to let you guys know what I was thinking. Also, I must say I really appreciate how so many people on this forum are so inclined to offer their advice and help! Thanks LOC and all of its contributing members!!! :) ;)
  7. hey everyone, thanks so much for the replies... they are greatly appreciated! now i have one less worry about the car. the only thing i really need to get done now is the dent caused by the hit and run in the back quarter panel and the thermostat replacement. :P
  8. Here's the situation: Every now and then I notice my GS300 downshifts when brake on the highway on a slight decline. It's very odd and happens only when I'm going around 60-65 miles per hour. Once I step on the brake the car downshifts and I feel a slight jerk as if the brakes just caught hard for a second. The car then stays in what I think is fourth gear as the rpms are above 3 thousand rmp while I'm going only 60-65 mph. The transmission downshifts once the brakes catch. It stays in fourth for a bit and it would suddenly upshift to fifth. If I push the gear shift lever left into the number '4' and then put it back into 'D' it would shift back up to 5th immediately, and the rpms go back to about 2,200. This has been happening a bit more frequently as of late. Could this indicate a transmission problem??? And has anyone else experienced this?
  9. It has about 95K miles and I can feel a slight vibration. The reason I asked was that I used to own an LS400 with more miles and it was silky smooth. the second gen GS series has the same problem that no one else seems to be able to resolve. i've tried seafoaming the throttle body, engine and gas tank to no avail. mine starting doing this at about 85K miles. let us know if you could fix it...
  10. waddup sk, have you had any problems with the glue expanding and cracking the windshield more in the summer? when did you do the repairs in... in the summer or winter?
  11. Everyone, Thanks so much for the advice/comments/sympathy. I will definitely talk with the dealer tomorrow about good body shops. Luckily I have full coverage and will only have to pay a $500 deductible. Once I get a good estimate I will let you all know how things go. Look for updates to come.
  12. how hard is the chrome piece to install? can the orginal black piece pop right off or would it involve removing a lot of the center console? thanks...
  13. My GS just got hit yesterday while it was parked outside of a tennis court. I don't know when it happened but when I went back to my car I saw a big dent on the rear, driver side quarter panel right by the bumper. I added a picture of the accident. Do you guys think this will cost a lot to repair??? I never thought I would get into an accident with my GS... I've always been so careful. At least no one was hurt though. Thanks...
  14. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has used one of those windshield repair kits for "star" cracks. I have a small star about the size of a penny on my windshield.... :( How well do they work? I read on the JC Whitney site that they work fine but if you do the repair in the winter, the filler that is used will expand in the summer and crack your windshield even more. If anyone has any experience they could share, I would greatly appreciate it. thanks...
  15. for the clicking noise see if the front caliper's pins need to be greased. i had the same problem and it turned out the clicking was due to rust forming on the pins...