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  1. I know this post is a bit old, but I'm going to post here in case anyone else is looking either for this model and year or a different make altogether. First a cigarette lighter port can handle the heat generated from a lighter. Plug an electric lighter into an accessory port and it will melt the surrounding plastic. Good luck with that. It's good to differentiate between the two lest some idiot starts their car on fire. Best case scenario is you end up with burnt plastic smell permeating your car. worst case.....You decide. Enough of that. I bypassed the power port problem by finding an alternative source. If you have electric seats, then they should work with the key switched off. If they do, then the seats have a constant +12V source going to them. I tapped into the passenger seat, right in the front there's a molex connector. the inner one(left hand side/the side towards the center of the vehicle is easiest to get to). 3 wires, Black, White-Black Strip and Black-Silver Spots. The black is +12V almost straight to the battery. The other 2 are grounds, the white-Black stripe seems to have something in between because I found some resistance on it, so I used the Black-Silver Spotted one which showed less resistance to a known ground (Accessory Outlet/Power Port on the floor board). As your mileage may vary, check all connections with a voltage and resistance meter before connecting anything to it (This is from memory, and I have not gone out to verify the colors before posting) so if you fry your precious electronics, as always, I'm not responsible. So don't go blowing up your car or shocking your girl-friend in the not so friendly way. Unless its what you really want to do.