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  1. i make it a general rule to keep the tires all the same age and sizes. these cars do their tpms through rotational differential and not direct reading of the air pressure. there is a reset button really really, far under the steering wheel in the footwell, if you have an owners manual, it will show you a picture, you may need a flash light, theres a button and a knob, iirc the knob changes the loudness of the lock and unlock chirps.
  2. are you sure its wind noise? its most likely tires. could also be a wheel bearing. the compared to all other cars made ever, this requires the least amount of maintenance. literally an oil change once a year and do the timing belt once every 4 years. as far as buying an older car, there isnt a new car thats will require as little maintenance as one of these 15 years old, they are incredibly well engineered and built vehicles. i bought a 92 ls400 last year with 80k on it. has 105k on it now, and same thing as my earlier one, needed an alternator, and rear brakes, however i blame this on a suspect battery disconnect joint for taxing the alternator. the best part about these is that if they require maintenance, the parts are cheap, and if you cant do it yourself, you can have any toyota shop do the work, theres nothing special about them.
  3. its either being significantly overfueled which is a possibility with the error codes, or plugged cats. if it were a gm, i'd suspect the cats, but being a toyota, its probably not them and more like a 26 year old engine computer problem. the best way to do this would first check the easy parts, maf if you have a scope, tps can usually be checked with a multimeter. after that if you can check the pressure in the exhaust do that, usually requires drilling and tapping a hole or removing an o2 sensor.
  4. the only biggie is the timing belt, ensure that it has been done recently, if you are a decent wrench theres writeups available and i dont remember anything particularly challenging other than harmonic balancer bolt. i had to resort to starter bumping the engine with a long breaker bar on it to get it off. first time expect 8-10 hours of work, second time you can probably get it down close to 4 hours.
  5. 15 may be possible for a projector light car, but my guess is 11 is the actual sell price for a good non projector light car, 13 for a perfect one.
  6. on my ls430, i was able to use an aux cord adapter that high jacked the sat radio input. if someone else knows the name of it, they can share it or you can kyle at civic audio in michigan, they installed it, it was from one of their major vendors. there was also a bluetooth unit that worked the same way, but i much preferred the audio quality of the built in dac on my lg v20 phone. i purchased my 06 in 2013 with 90k, i ran up about 250k on it. the issues i had were battery before 100k, a month after the battery, alternator crapped out, both easy fixes and can be done my an amateur with hand tools and jack. had issues with brakes warping rotors, turned out the brake lines were failing on the inside and leaving crap in the caliper pistons, i swapped the calipers and lines. front wheel bearings near 180k, rear shocks near 250k, timing belt roughly every 125k, ran mobil 1 extended performance oil with a purolator pure 1 filter, and then the boss filter when that came out, was going roughly 40k on oil changes. by about 350k, the entire suspension was ready for a refresh, other than that, every button, circuit, switch, control, interior light, worked, no rattles, or squeaks. will probably buy another, if i need another highway superstar. ps. the radiator fans crapped out, but i never bothered to change them and unless it was sitting in traffic in summer with the ac on, it never heated up, again, 99.99% of the miles on this car were highway cruising so they were never needed, i just kicked the heat on if it started heating up, seriously like maybe 3 years like this lol.