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  1. I own a rx450h 2013 with 85000 miles. Drove the vehicle every day and never had a battery problem until I had to leave it at the dealership on a Saturday for service. They could not get to it until Monday. Received a nice 2019 for a loaner. On Monday they completed the service and remarked that they had to jump start the battery. Had no time to replace then so had to wait. After a week of driving I had no battery problems until I went away for a weekend leaving the car in the garage. On Monday it would not start. I replaced the battery on Tuesday. Went two weeks without any problems until I went away for another weekend. On Monday the vehicle would not start. Battery two weeks old. Jump started vehicle and went to AutoZone. Battery checked out okay. The following weekend I let the car sit in the garage for 2 days on Monday the battery was dead. No lights were ever left on. The only thing working was the security system. I am taking vehicle back to the dealer for a checkup next week