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  1. @zmanou812, I haven't let the vehicle go more than a few days without it being driven so I've been fortunate that the battery draining issue only occurred once in the three months since my purchase. Since I live in cold climate area of the US where temperatures in Dec-Feb drop well below zero it's quite possible that's a contributing factor to the battery drain issue. That being said, I'm apprehensive about letting it sit around for more than a few days and I'm not confident it won't happen again. Regarding what Taffy13 mentioned in their "Post Script". I did take go to the the deale
  2. Hi everyone, I purchased a 2017 RX450h and am absolutely impressed by the quality of the vehicle and love the driving experience. However, only three weeks after purchase with around 375 miles on the odometer, I parked it in my garage for five days and when I tried to start it up it was 100% dead. Needless to say, the doors automatically unlocked, and the gas door flipped open sometime during the five days the vehicle sat in the garage so there seems to be a fail over built-in when the battery is ready die. So I have two questions that I'm hoping the community might be able to answer
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