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  1. Update on this item: Bought a replacement brake light switch for $20 and installed it in about 15 minutes. Problem solved. Thanks for the tip Lenore!
  2. That would be too funny. just replaced the same switch on my 2008 Denali last month to fix same problem. Will look into that...thanks...
  3. 146k miles on this vehicle, a few months ago the cruise control started dis-engaging at speed when I went over a significant bump in the road. This has progressed to where it shuts down on small bumps now. I can re-start it and it works until next shutdown. Possibly related, the Cruise Control status light (on the dashboard display) will flash on and off intermittently when at speed (whether engaged or not I think). Is this a common issue? Saw another post that said it might be vacuum related? Another post said that the brake light fluid might be low and that status indicator might be shutting down the cruise control?
  4. For those that might be hitting this problem now, I purchased just the bushings for under $100 from 1A Auto website, and had my local shop install them for about $800. I had this problem at about 100K, fixed the handling and rattling issues under the hood, that lasted until about 146k, and now I am replacing them again (only two went bad but I'm doing the whole set). This is the only real problem my LS has had so I'm still happy with it... Also, 1A Auto has a limited lifetime warranty so they replaced the parts for free...