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  1. Ironbyrd81

    08 Rx350 Ride quality

    When I look at my struts and they all look like this it leads me to believe they are bad ?
  2. I purchased a 08 RX350 with just under 90K on it. I have put over 5K on it now. Since that time I have discovered that I think the entire suspension is falling apart. I have already replaced all 4 sway bar links, oh and new brakes all the way around. My passenger parking brake assembly was all bent to where the retaining pin was sticking out further than it should and was causing an awful clicking/clunking noise as the hub was hitting it when rotating. Being newer to Lexus, I was wondering how the RX350 handles bumps? I feel like its taking bumps very hard, not like jar your kidney hard but more than I think a Lexus should. More like a truck. Also the previous owner(s) have that spray on rubber which is breaking down and is like gross melted rubber and gets on everything. I hate it! Anyway, I am wondering if I should be replacing my struts? I want the softest ride possible. So any recommendations would be great. I do have brand new tires as well. Also lately I hear this clunking coming from back drivers side when wet. Sounds like when rotation happens something is catching and it breaks free. Not sure if I need new sway bar bushings too.
  3. Ironbyrd81

    LED Headlights

    This is great, as I was looking at replacing mine as well. I have a 2008 and it has the HID (I think) the ones that turn with you and are super bright. Anyway, I just put in some LED fog lights and I was looking to put in high beams. Makes you wonder why they put in normal yellow lights for high and fog with fancy low lights. Do you know the model number you purchased? I see some with wires attached and some without.