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  1. Yes definitely coolant. You'll notice in step 6 some radiator fluid (coolant) leaks out.
  2. Old thread still providing new value to people like me. Thanks! Fixed my 2003 RX300 with 170,000 miles this weekend. Happy it lasted this long without IACV needing cleaning. Some observations: 1) This was not that easy for me and took about 5 hours including time to read blog and trips to autoparts store. I thought I was mechanically inclined but maybe because my car is old each step was that much more difficult. 2) Definitely recommend getting needle nose clamping pliers AND and a small hand impact screwdriver. All of my screws were very difficult to remove! I didn't have enough room for the impact driver in the early screw removal steps and the pliers tip is too big for the later steps. 3) Getting hoses off was very difficult on my old car. For the smaller ones, use pliers with enough force to twist hose loose but not so much force as to rip hose. For large air hose in first step, pry back the hose a little with a flat head screwdriver to loosen. 4) I read the whole blog and warning about the wavy, brass colored washer. I never saw it during disassembly. After re-assembly and moving car, there it was in a puddle of coolant. :( The car has been running perfect for two days so I guess it is not needed. Why in the heck is it there if it is not needed as others have reported? :) Think there will be any longer term negative impact of the washer missing? Thanks again for the post!