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  1. Hi everyone. just some short updates. my Rex is now on 160k miles. current situation/condition is as follow: 1) on cold start (when the temp meter is near first line of C), shifting to D is no problem ( i still have to hold the brake while shifting to D, and keep holding for additional 2-3secs), from 1st to 2nd gear, shifting feeling kind of slight "slingshot" effect. same goes for shifting to 3rd gear. 4th gear feels normal and ok. this only occurs once. when on running temp, all is well. 2) cruising on 65-70mph and higher speed feels normal. however,this is untrue when we are stucked on traffic jams. slowing on 10-15mph feels a little bit *push* from behind while depressing back the accelerator pedal after we let it free to cruise on low speed. still, when moving from complete stop, car feels normal. 3) on operatingtemp, when we shift immediately from P to D, would feel a slight *kick* within the car. that being said, letting it on N for 2-3secs then only shift to D feels like much better. 4) my ATF still has some slight drips. and it is coming from within driveshaft, where the expert mechanic advised to remove the complete transmission including the 4wd/AWD transfer case. the cost for this is an arm and a leg for us. furthermore, 1 week is not a guarantee the job could be done. 5) due to this, on higher speed as 70mph+ , i could hear a *humming* sound.this sound is also quite noticeable on gaining momentum 40mph++..but 65mph above is getting worse. having all these, i still love and enjoy my RX, and hope to get more miles from it. i expect it to run another 100k miles. hahaha. just wanted to share this. since now getting busy to finish my internship. well, should anyone have any advice also i would greatly appreciate. thanks guys!
  2. So is it not transmission related ? Actually I cleaned the throttle body last week. But I didn't clean the IACV as it was a real challenge to remove those 2 pieces factory tighten screws. So I just sprayed some bits though the small hole underneath the right throttle (I thought that might help cleaning the IACV)
  3. Hey everyone. I am beginning to experience random "thomp" with my 2001 AWD RX300. Currently it's still on 140k miles. It randomly happens whenever I release the accelerator pedal for few seconds, then depress it back in a hurry, the RX would lunge with "thomp" sound. I am not sure what might be the cause but nowadays I try to control my feet as whenever I release the pedal, I try to depress it back slowly until the RPM gauge "reads" my feet and I can depress it deeper normally as usual. Not sure whether that really solved it or just minimize the "thomp" till as if it doesn't occur. Is there any thought on what could be the cause ?I thank you for everyone's idea here..
  4. Anyone With Experience With Amsoil Atf

    Hi everyone, sorry for bringing up this old thread. but I would like to ask for advice/suggestion, as my 2001 RX300 AWD now runs on (I think) regular T-IV equivalent ATF (which I have to add/topup once in 2 weeks, doesn't smell burnt though). Reading all these posts in this thread makes me want to switch to this Amsoil product. Sometimes my RX just downshifts too fast/suddenly (especially after a 90 degrees turning)the moment I release the acceleration pedal.It still shifts fine though. So my question is, how should I start from here on? can I just switch it directly to the Amsoil product during my next drain-and-fill ? or do I have to flush out the old fluid and replace it ? Which Amsoil transmission product is recommended ? I've seen the Signature series and the OE ATF..truck is now on 145k miles. Everyone's advice n suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  5. RX Transmissions AWD 4WD FWD

    I am not sure as what do you mean by Canadian model. Afaik there are only 2 types of model: the Japanese version (JDM), and the one sold for the US market. Maybe it's differed by which side the car drives (RHD/LHD). As for me, even though I am living outside US/Europe, I have the standard JDM version without navigation and it is an All Wheel Drive (AWD). I also have that transfer case with that unique fluid. Since you mentioned transmission, I would say mine is definitely U140F
  6. Yeah. here it is then: Let's keep this clean as transmission problem/symptoms related forum :)
  7. my 01 RX300 treatment

    -> I tried polishing them already. well it looks like only the right side is still white-ish, while the other side has been quite oxidized (dark appearance). I could see it is actually white light during night time outside the vehicle. But it seems a bit yellowish once you are inside and take it for few rounds. As you mentioned, I used plastic polish. -> When I bought off the car, it wasn't originally came pre-installed within. I had to install it by ourselves. Went to independent CNG workshop and have it installed.around $1068 including labor. came with 1 year kit warranty. To be honest, you could see many taxis, even private cars using CNG considering the hikes on gasoline right now here (gas price is updated weekly on Wednesday here. -> Guess I mistook AWD -> 4WD. Mine's AWD then. Transmission is U140F. -> i had it taken to workshop once, was told by the mechanic power steering fluid..which was due to my failing return hose. not sure about leaks. But right now I do have to check the ATF level i.e every 2 weeks or so, topup about 1.8-2 liters (2.1 quarts in US standard). Weird enough, couldn't locate any ATF dripping. Or did it travel somewhere else ? Or this is normal actually ? Oh I'll be sure to clean her throughly before letting her sleep in my mechanic workshops. Planned to have major service on her (leaks, drippings, airflow sensors, etc) as well as have her mount struts changed if required. althought I recenty finished cleaning the throttle body by myself. P.S the IACV screws were hard to come off. Untill now I still haven't been able to open them. Seems legit enough for such factory locked screws
  8. pardon the birds though, they loved the RX too much i guess. 2001 RX300. she shows 138K miles. but I am guessing it had been reset. and should be around 240K miles by now. everything's stock except she was already installed aftermarket single din unit below the center compartment. 'P' and 'D' light were already gone. overall, a very nice ride. just that I need to get her cleaned. oh yeah, temperature control does not change although it is adjustable. transmission..hmm..there's a slight less than 2 seconds delay when trying to get her run everytime in the morning. the moment I put 'D' from 'R', maybe.. a sec I am guessing. not that it bothers me as long as the transmission is in great condition. mine is AWD. and it is running CNG. well at times I have to check the transmission fluid level and top up if necessary. there shouldn't be anything wrong yet, right ? about the gear oil seeping do I look for it ? I am a complete amateur and noob at this DIY stuff.. but probably some informative and beginner links about Howto would be helping. I am used to checking fluid level, changing wiper blade, disconnecting battery terminal (as well replacing it), replacing relays in the fuse box, engine oil and coolant before travelling(add more should it were insufficient). just some minor check and preparation, and simple maintenance.
  9. Hello all. I am a new member here. Just finished registering, and hope to get useful advice/information, as well as to provide useful feedback/suggestion to all first gen RX300 owners here. Actually I feel like I am taking a gamble, as I have decided to get a used RX300 (well it's Toyota Harrier here) even after seeing so many negative comments, and especially issues about the transmission failing. 16+ years old vehicle to be precise. I believe although the one I am getting isn't exactly a Lexus, but it shares the same spareparts, especially engine and transmission same as the ones in RX300, though mine doesn't have the heated seat and cruise control. and to be honest, I wanted this beast to last until my marriage and my first child in the future. So, hope to get along with everyone here. And yeah, the one I am buying is 3.0 V6 engine.