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  1. I had problems with missing, had it serviced they found a bad injector they replaced it with a reman, problem solved It ended up being the plugs wires....They were only 1 1/2 years old and still under warranty.
  2. still having issues.....It just runs good if I baby it but if I go half throttle or more it misses until the car gets to the speed I want and let off the pedal.. thinking of having a motor vav done. any ideas? come on pros
  3. UPDATE: changed the spark plugs in 1 hour 45 mins this time,not to bad IMO lol... now at idle its ok, seems smooth ,but at high rpms is cuts out and if I floor it, it will go but spudder, go a little faster, spudders ,then get a little faster. I had it at 110 but that was about all it had and I know before at 110 it was just starting to go. I'm now think something in the fuel system. again any advice would be nice. thanks
  4. I have a problem that all of a sudden came on,because I bragged about the car running great. lol I got in the car on a cold start and noticed it was missing when I put it in reverse,also in drive. Seems to be only on low rpms in gear. When I leave it in low 2 and get to 4500 rpms it smooths out. In netural also seems smooth at any rpm. its misses and studders the worst at stop lights. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated........ 92 ES300 auto tranny if that matters Also no check engine light at all.
  5. I changed the plugs and plug wires and it runs like a top again..... should I change the fuel filter? I got this car from a little ole lady with 75k miles and now it has 85k I don't think she ever did any maintence past 30k.. So far I've change the oil 4 times in 10k miles,had the tranny flushed,anti freeze flushed, plugs and wires changed last night "very tough job"....Timing belt,seals,and water pump soon.
  6. What would be symptoms of a belt that slipped or one thats going out? My problem is the car feels like it's running on 5 cylinders and is really shakey...It has rained here alot lately and i also wondered if something got wet..any ideas or help is appreciated thanks
  7. No it's not worth it in FL. ,but here in IL. yes It's well worth it. It's all up to you, if you like to let your car warm awhile maybe it's worth it.
  8. Will the rims and tires off a 99 GS300 fit my 92 ES300? Also will I need any spacers if they do fit>? heres the specs: 1999 GS300 Specs: 16X7.5 +50 mm offset Centerbore for the gs is 60.1mm I think these would look good on my 92 es300....thanks for any info
  9. I had the A/C sucked out and it had 1.74 in the system The A/C tech said It calls for 2.00 high and 1.8 low. Seems If I had a evaporator leak I would have alot less r12. I cleaned the windshield really well and noticed no oil or fogging for a week until I put on my defrost one rainy night. Could there still be some oil in the evaporator that could come through the vents when the heat is on? Also,would the heater core only leak with the heat on? This problem has me baffled and I don't have enough money just to drop it off at a shop. Any ideas or help is much appreciated.
  10. I've heard of this problem more than once...It's the expansion valve .Do a search on that .
  11. I found some really nice 17 " GS 430 rims and just wanna make sure they will fit without any issues.
  12. I have a 92 es that has a small leak in the evaporator and wonder if someone has a write up on what needs removed to get at the evaporator? any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. Has anyone had any heater coil problems? I was just wondering what the symtoms could be...thanks
  14. I just did this the other day in my 92 ES...It takes a little force and just the right angle.give it some force
  15. A oily residue would indicate a freon leak in your evaporator. How well is your ac cooling down? OR a leak in your heater coil. Is the floor on either side of the console damp? Is there a 'sweet' odor (other than air freshener, if used)? A leaky heater coil will leave a residue on the windshield. . . . that when you clean the glass, within a day or two, the residue returns. (And it's 'oily' too!) I've checked for moisture on the floor board and have never felt any wet spots...the A/C takes a bit to get cold but once it does,it's really cold. Also it seems to do it more when i step
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