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  1. 2006 RX330 210,000 km runs fine. NOT powered open or close kind, very basic liftgate strut style with a open switch on it.Failing Lock actuator symptom: Liftgate locker stuck close sometimes after press release button[switch], very weak or slow click from lock actuator motor, most of time the locking system may work after the first press,but second and third press within short time almost impossible get locker release. same pattern will happen after lock and unlock the car couple minutes later.I guess the thermistor [kind of motor overheat protection] inside the motor is shot, so a motor replacement worth a try as it is dirty cheaper than a actuator assembly.After replace the motor only, now the liftgate lock release works very well with strong motor running sound even continue press unlock switch.Start from both side and pull hard. Old vs new Most Google search info are door lock actuator motor repair,so I order this D flat shaft as it will compatible both round shaft and D flat shaft. This is exact right replacement motor w/ brass collar Small but handy tool! Below are two used items on ebay listing which show fit for 04-09 RX330/RX350,but it appear quite different design.may fit for power open and close liftgate version.
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