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  1. i mean like......the where would i insert the freon if i was to put any in....i was looking at the engine coolant place is it located near there or where.........? help plz
  2. can i buy freon and put it in myself? if so wheres the freon "box" located
  3. its in one of my prior post about the wiring problems but the cars great i had the tune-up done with platinum plugs and a oil change it runs sweet. u can check it out if ya want. ill meet ya somewhere. e-bay is a ******* because of all the damn reserves the people set. you could win a car for3000 and have to pay 5000 plus a extra 1000 for shipping then all those extra "sign over" fees. buy, title (ill put it as sold it for 0$) registration so youll be payin basically 7400 for the car to legally ride it. not to pressed to sell it but i been thinkin bout a clk :o . wish i had a
  4. actually i have a 92 sc 400 gold with 110k miles on it with wiring probs but ill sell it for 7200$ has 18 inch lorenzo chrome rims on it .i live in orange nj right next to newark. contact me at 9736744497 or 908 561 0997 ask for jeff.
  5. ok i checked the power with the recirc and auto button it reads out 23. i also tried to do the headlight thing with the sawpaper and wax it got the yellow out its still not as crisp as new think a few more wax coats will do the trick??
  6. also anyone think they can mod my car to make the doors go up lambo style ill travel a bit and pay.
  7. well i dont know about those lights im gonna try today and im gonna take the car to the auto dealership to fix unless any of u jersey mechanics are around to help and wanna take a swing.and its just my radio went bad today. when i brake or drive the radio goes off and on....somthing is really bad with these wires
  8. but my headlights are like YELLOW.........looks like i have to change them with new ones
  9. ok i got a lexus sc 92 gold bought 3 months ago. now when i bought it i was thinking to sell it but after driving it and seeing all the love the chics give to me i kept it and threw some 18" larenzos (chrome) on it. i love the look of my car but i have a problem...........some of my controls dont work example. my door lights my steering wheel adjuster (auto adjuster too) my auto-seat set-er. and also when i let people in the back the seat doesnt automatically adjust itself to move up. i have replaced all my fuses with the fuses that light up if a fuse is blown. what the hell could be the prob
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