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  1. Try a cat we also live in the semi county and have 5 no mice problems but I do have coins and possums coming up to dine on the cat food my wife leaves out.
  2. Just got a 2013 obsidian fwd w 19” wheels for the wife. she complained that somehow it just doesn’t handle as well as her 2011 g37 convertible. where I bought it was a huge used car sales in Dallas. they had range rovers, jags and bimmers, oh my! anyway I like the car but the 235/55/19 tires do seem a little narrow. i was looking at plus size on replacement and was wondering what guys have used. searched but didn’t quite see it. i believe 255/50/19 should not be a problem although just giving me marginally extra width. i would like to go with 285/45/19s but I think the stock 19” wheel width of 7.5” would be too narrow and the 1.5 - 2” increase in width may cause some rubbing on the front. dont want to run two different size. suggestions or has anybody upsized? also what brand did you go with. wanted something economical thanks.
  3. got a 2007 Lexus es 350 back in July. now has about 120k and want to do my first own oil change. Car has good service record. Dealership says they were using a castrol Syn blend at 5K intervals instead of full synthetic . Should I stick with this or switch to what ever full syn I go with what i plan to use for the g37 convertible i got the wife (mobil 1 5w30 or pennzoil ultra or platinium 5w 30) to make matters simpler and only have to keep one jug for both. plan on using toyota factory filers. i was also thinking about getting a set of the rhino ramps vs jack and stands. comments?
  4. Was wanting something a little wider next time I get tires. Looks like the 235/50s match up to the oe 215/55s pretty well, but wonder if they might rub. Anybody tried this?
  5. removing black weatherstrip marks from rear door jams? 2007 lexus es 350 has black marks on the plastic light gray interior panels at the door jam over the rear wheel. looks like it might be caused from the weatherstrip. I've seen this noted on other cars for sale so it seems it may be a common problem. I tried purple power and wd40 but didn't seem to do little good. I searched, but nothing I put in came up. any suggestions for removal? at least you don't see it with the door closed only when you open it to get in.
  6. best car wax???? i know this will be pretty subjective, but i was wondering on experience here... the deal is advance auto 40% off, but I don't know which to buy??? Meguiar's Ultimate Synthetic Polymer Liquid Wax seems to have good reviews, also the high tec yellow I used to be a zymol man, but it's a headache with the light blue residue in all the cracks so I was looking at trying something else, I had bought Armor All Extreme Shield Wax on special. I like how left no white residue on plastic, but the shine was not the wet look I was after and I left some streaking (too much of an area at one time?) the car is a Lexus es 350 in smokey granite mica (dark charcoal color almost black). ( this is my 2nd lexus and I know the paint sometimes suck. I read good reviews on Collinite Insulator Wax (gives me call my local store so I doubt if they stock it) and Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish. just wondering if I should get sometimes else with the 40% off it's generally cheaper than wally world.
  7. just bought the wife a 2007 es 350. really had more miles than I like (116 k) but all service docs from lexus and a 1 owner trade in. it's Smoky Granite Mica with Light Gray interior. all options except Premium Plus Package and Mark Levinson Premium Audio. list for $42k. plan on doing my own oil changes and was going to buy the Assenmacher Specialty Tools TOY 640 Oil Filter Socket Wrench for Toyota/Lexusfrom amazon I was planning on using mobil 1. my question is should I use 5w-30, the 0w-30 or go with a 0w-40 with this high of mileage? should I stay w a 5k interval or could I go to 7500 when using the syn? anything else I need to know. btw this isn't my first lexus, had a gs years back.
  8. Welcome to the Lexus forums mtbmtb01 :)