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  1. It looks like it might be a piece of aftermarket trim applied on top of the original? I had that in my 1998 LS400: it's a real pain to get it off if that's what it is :-(
  2. I second that. When I replaced my cabin filter the air flow increased very noticeably. You can find it behind the glove compartment: there's some very helpful info here
  3. It needs more than a shake - best to blast it (carefully!) with an air line to get all the dust out (there will be LOADS). As I say, if removing the filter makes a noticeable difference to air flow and temperature (it did in my Mk IV), then replacing it is indicated.
  4. I would also make the sure the cabin air filter is not clogged. It can accumulate a lot of fine dust as well as the obvious leaves and stuff. Try running the A/C with the cabin air filter removed - does that make a difference? If so, replacement filters are not too expensive.
  5. Just to say, water is heavier than fuel so the fuel will float on the water, not the other way round ;-)
  6. Try Prices can be given in Euros, so presumably they'll ship to Spain :-)
  7. Welcome to the Lexus forums Clunkfish :)

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      Many thanks for the welcome, Steve - much appreciated!