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  1. I bought a 2004 in May 2012 with about 98k. I love this thing. It is the nicest, best-made car I have ever driven (and I've tried out some very nice cars). It looks like I may have to have the shocks done eventually (though everything seems fine), and I had to replace some light bulbs, but it is great so far. I still, after 8 months, find myself saying "this is a really nice car" when I am driving it. Sad that it is dirty inside now, it was like new when I got it, but we have five kids. Where do most people get service done if there is not a dealer near by? Not in a great position to work on it at home, and I don't get too deep into car maintenance, anyway. Can anyone give me suggestions on leather cleaner? I want to keep this thing in good shape, and if I need to have something done, I want it done right.
  2. Welcome to the Lexus forums newSteve :)