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  1. Dealer Hit My Car

    i think it depends on how much damage does your car have and at what part. there are many best loaners available in the market. also you can search it on google.
  2. New Car Tech We Hate

    i liked the system upgraded in the Lexus the remote and touch screen makes it so comfortable and featuristic. i wonder why some people dont like it.
  3. Just Love The Lexus F-Sport Kit

    its simply great, loved to watch it. thanks for sharing it.
  4. Check Engine Light On,help!

    maxiscan jp701 is anytime best than the other. most of the people use the same even i also prefer it.
  5. Extended Warranty Or Not?

    i think extended warranty are only for the repairs. and may be they are just for a year or maximum 2.
  6. How Many Miles Does Your Lexus Have?

    i have a SC 400 and driven about 54000 miles on it.
  7. Lexus No. 1 Again

    no doubt that Lexus is one of the leading automotive company, but according to me there are many of the other companies which are way a head than Lexus.
  8. Lexus Phonebook Voice Regognition

    sorry to say but there is no easy way, really you have to go through each one of them. its the feature which lexus lacks.
  9. Lfa Finding Thread!

    these pics of LFA are simply just wonderful. what a collection of cars, just loved it. thanks for sharing it.
  10. Finding Options That You Leased Your Lexus With?

    i think there are many sites, also google is the best option to find it out. best thing is search it on google.
  11. Welcome to the Lexus forums drakelouis29 :)