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  1. Since you are in the state of MD, you can transfer the vehicle as a gift to a family member (includes aunt over 65 yrs of age). You will need to complete the Gift Certification form. The vehicle will also need a MD safety inspection plus new plates. Take a look at this link: Good luck!
  2. Welcome to the club! I agree with Lexusfreak. If the vehicle was well cared for, you will have an extremely reliable yet stylish daily driver. I'm past the 214k mile mark on my '92 and going strong.
  3. Steviej, I have the SP Sport A2's on my 92 ES300 for the past two years with about 43k miles on them. I haven't had any trouble through all the snow, slush, and rain that's befallen the Washington, DC area these past two winters. These are a hugh improvement over the previous D60 A2. Even with over 40k mile, there's still considerable tread to last me through the summer. I've had even wear on all four tires with regular rotation. I'm not very agressive on these tires, but when I do push it, the tires never fail to hold and provide feedback when at their limits. I do not have any experie
  4. Hey Blake918, Thanks!!! Everything went as you described. The wood trim came off with ease exposing the remaining two screws that held the assembly in place. Now, I have to figure out why the cig lighter will not work. The connections seem fine, but there were a couple of coins that fell behind which could have caused a short. However, the fuses seem fine, but I'm going to replace them to be sure. Thanks again!
  5. Hello fellow Lexus Owners, Does anyone know how to remove the ashtray/cupholder assembly on a '92 ES? My cigarette light does not function, and I already eliminated the possibility of blown fuses. I'm thinking that the connections to the lighter came loose, but I have no idea how to gain access to the back of the lighter socket. I tied removing the trim above the cupholder to expose the two screws that hold the top portion of the assembly in place. Once I removed them, the top portion wiggles, but the bottom portion seems connected somehow. I didn't want to exert too much pressure for fe
  6. My '92 is at 209k and running strong. I also had problems with a leaking head gasket at around 160k. Fixing anything on a lex is going to cost more, but well worth the investment. I'm looking forward to 300k as long as I can put up with the lack of a/c!
  7. Here we go again. Another problem with the stereo on my 92 ES300. First of all, thank you for all the responses to my previous problem with the CD changer. Still not functioning, but now have a more serious problem. The volume gets loud by itself. When this happens, I turn the volume knob to the lowest setting possible, but it is still VERY loud, although less so than before. Intermittently, the volume will seem to go back to normal and then I would adjust the volume control back up to hear the radio. This cycle happens constantly. The volume may be fine one moment and then jump then n
  8. The ABS light on my 92 ES300 came on recently. I did have the front rotors replaced about 3 months ago, but the ABS light did not come on until recently so I doubt that this is due to the repair work. Before I go and have the code read, I wanted to follow the advice given earlier about checking to see of the abs sensors came unplugged. Where are the sensors located and can you visualize them without removing the wheels and/or having the car on a lift? Secondly, what do the sensors look like? I really do not want to pay the dealer prices to tell me that a sensor was disconnected. Besides,
  9. Thank you all for the responses. I checked the fuses located in the engine bay fuse box and the fuse panel on the lower left side of the driver's side. The fuses look fine, and the cigarette lighter does work. Is there another fuse that I'm missing? I had no idea that the life span of these CD changers are so short. When the system is off and I press the CD Comp button, nothing happens. It does not turn on or anything. If I'm listening to the radio and press the CD Comp button, the radio just continues to play. Usually, the display changes from the radio station to the disc and track n
  10. Hello All- I'm a relative newbie to this club so I'm not sure if anyone else has had and/or addressed this problem. I have a 92 ES300 and the CD changer just stopped functioning. The radio and cassette player work fine, but there is no response when I press the CD button. I checked the changer located in the trunk. There is power to the unit since the "press" button light is on, however even when I press it to eject the cd cartridge, I get nothing. This justs adds to the frustration because I cannot retrieve my CD's. Before this occurred, the changer was slow to locate tracks, but other
  11. I put on Dunlop SP Sport A2's on my '92 about two years ago. These are great tires and a big improvement over the D60A2's that they replaced. They hold the curves very well and are extremely quiet. I believe that the treadwear rating is to 55,000 miles. I've already put 35k miles on them, and there is still plenty of tread left on them. These are the best tires that I've tried in rain, and they perform well enough in snow given that it is designed to be performance all-season tires. I did not have a problem driving through all the unplowed snow here in Wash. DC this past winter. Compare
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