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  1. I have the FSM for an LS400 up to the year 2000, and it shows that the clutch can be replaced but the compressor would need to be removed from the car to do so. This means discharging and recharging the system.
  2. With the car running and the A/C on, the clutch will be turning with the belt. You can have someone turn off and on the A/C while you watch the clutch engage/disengage. If it is not, it could be the relay, if not the relay, that would mean that the clutch is slipping and you would typically smell it burning. That is what happened to me, mine began to slip, the air got warm and I could smell the clutch getting really hot from slipping. I have also seen the bearings go bad on them but that usually means grinding noises and some sparks associated with that. I am not sure but the clutch can sometimes be replaced, but in our disposable society, it might not be available for replacement.
  3. Either one is possible. I lost a compressor on one of my trucks and I had the same symptoms you describe. It was the clutch that went bad and it actually started to smoke when the A/C was turned on. When it's blowing warm open the hood and see if the clutch is engaged, if it's turning with the belt, it's engaged. If it is and blowing warm, the compressor is on and not working correctly. You can typically tell if the compressor comes on because it puts a load on the engine.
  4. I recently installed a Terk XM commander. Check it out.
  5. Also, the throttle body service is completely seperate job from the timing belt/ water pump. I was able to purchase the parts I needed as a kit, the dealer was way to pricey and I had to buy everything separate. Good luck!
  6. Might as well replace the tensioner and idler bearing for the timing belt. I recently did the job myself on my 1995 and I purchased all OEM parts. If you are having a mechanic do it, if he purchases the parts, he has to warranty them too. Mine also called for cam and crank seal replacement. Not hard to do when all the parts are off of the car. My car only had 88k miles when I did it so I opted to not replace those seals, they weren't leaking anyway, time will tell if I made a good decision!
  7. Yeah Ive done hours of reading, it seems anyway. Those numbers are for a 1996 and will not work for the 1995. Thanks!
  8. this car is drving me nuts

  9. I recently purchased a 1995 LS400 with 89000 original miles. The car is beautiful and runs great. I do however have the issue with the car stalling when you come to a stop after driving at highway speeds for a period of time. It also has what I call a low idle, it idles around 400 rpm with the A/C off. With the air on it idles perfectly at 650 rpm. The car will not stall after a long drive if the air is on. When it starts in the morning, it idles up to around 1200 rpm and then slowly drops to 650 or so as the car warms up. I haven't really experienced any off throttle jerk but I also came from driving a 1991 dodge diesel truck, so this car is a dream! I sent my ECM to be rebuilt #89661-50221, and that did not solve my problems. I purchased another ECM #89661-50224 from another company, and the company sent me a 89661-50221 and assured me that they updated the hardware inside to match the 89661-50224. Am I on the right track here, or could I have another issue? No CELs either. Any help is apreciated.