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  1. Thanks. The problem is that my profile has an old e-mail address. When I click on "forgot password," the automated function will send the new, interim password to the non-existant e-mail address. If I try to correct the e-mail address first, I am asked for my password. I can supply the new e-mail directly to tech support if someone can go into my profile and change it. Absent that, I don't see how I can get in to edit my profile. At present, I am able to log on only because one of my computers remembers the password. So, suggestions? Sorry for all the trouble. I usually keep passwords on a master list, but failed for this one. Searched my file folders on each car, and find Lexus factory site password, but no LOC. Thanks.
  2. I have forgotten my password, and have changed my e-mail since joining. Doesn't seem to be any way to correct my e-mail without the password, and don't have the password. Catch 22. When I used the site contact e-mail, I got an automated response that assumed I am newly joining and told me to register. Don't think I can be the first one, and if I am, probably not the last. Guidance, please.
  3. Yes, basically a marketing tool with a "feel-good factor" for Lexus owners. The journalism -- automotive and otherwise -- is weak, typical of the stuff turned out by the PR mills. You wonder if anyone ever responds to the Lexus on-line and magazine features, taking up the offers for "discounted" stays at exotic resorts or seeking out an obscure, trendy restaurant in an obscure place to eat tiny portions of some exotic combination. Right now, the magazine simply makes a rather expensive and colorful contribution to my recyclables bin.
  4. Denny, If you are a Popular Mechanics and Hemming's type of guy, and Keurig satisfies your coffee taste (no need for custom-grown espresso beans imported from a secret farm in Kenya), you may see the Lexus magazine about the way I see it.
  5. Steve, I don't think what you have (The Line) is related to the magazine. The magazine is about 1/2" thick and approx 8 1/2" X 11," with a heavy paper cover. Lots of color. Looks like something you'd see on a coffee table in an Architectural Digest photos or maybe in the dentist's waiting room. It carries a few advertisements (e.g. expensive watches) and mixes features the Lexus guys think we want to read with gee-whiz pieces on various Lexus models. I think you'd know it if you had one, but the features may be on the Lexus Drivers' website. Saab had a magazine for a while, produced in a similar but less lavish style. The automotive journalism in the Saab magazine was gratuitous, and the there was only so much material I could absorb on obscure boutique Swedish glassblowers and trendy stylists in the South Bronx. Audi had a similar magazine, which I received when I lived in the U.K. and my wife had an A4. It was somewhat more technically oriented, as I remember, but still pretty much in the same concept. However, the Saab and Audi efforts pale in comparison to the Lexus effort. The Lexus magazine is similar to the Rolex magazine, if you've ever seen one of those. Will be interested in your take when you lay hands on one.
  6. I think we all (those registered on Lexus website) received a notice on the site a while back. Gave the option, as I recall, of getting the magazine, and either electronic or hard copy. Maybe there is a way on the site to sign up for the magazine. Otherwise, I think some or all of the stuff is under Lexus news or one of the other Lexus Drivers categories.
  7. Latest edition of Beyond, the Lexus magazine arrived yesterday. It is aptly named, as I find it beyond me -- same reaction to the previous edition and my response to the reader survey. It is, at best, over-wrought, in my view. My counsel to Lexus in the survey was to scrap out the magazine and save the money. Discount the car $50 instead, or give every customer a $50 gift certificate. Or just out the dough back on the bottom line. Under the heading of full disclosure, I've got to say that by nature I know I am going in the right direction when I observe that everyone else is headed the other way. Accordingly, I find the features in the magazine to be a combination of Lexus self-worship and the unnecessarily esoteric. I can't generate much interest in "cult" design. The orange and carbon RC-F looks like something for halloween -- and would fit in with the annual pumpkin festival in the town where I live. And I'll be damned if I can see the relationship between the NX and the trip to Far Rockaway or wherever it was; he could've driven a '49 Chevy, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, or a Ferrari for all the difference it made. Having lived in two countries, done business in a couple of dozen, and visited about 40, I like to think of myself as reasonably worldly and appreciative -- at least as much as the next person. l like to think of myself as literate and having at least a basic sense of the arts. Beyond seeks to address a range of ultra-sophisticated subjects that, evidently, exceed any acumen I may have. But as Freud noted, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and I'm afraid the attraction of the Lexus book eludes me. So, am I the lone heathen? Are my fellow Lexus owners streaming to buy Lexus bicycles, take tours of the Hamptons, or seek out boutique restaurants in distant locations, or probe the philosophies of avant garde designers and artists? And do these things really relate to Lexus ownership? Does Beyond strike your deepest artistic, culinary, travel, and automotive sensitivities? Maybe I'm still just the guy going out when everyone else is coming in?
  8. I would probably like to have this car for about a week, or maybe for a couple of specific road trips. Otherwise, what do you do with 467 hp? More than one automotive journalist has referred to the BMW M-series as "high-strung," a term I have used with some cars myself. No doubt, in true Lexus fashion, some of the "high-strung" quality will have been refined out of the GS-F. But I'm not sure where I'd use that capability most of the time, given that my GS provides more performance than I generally need to call on. My guess is that we are talking about a handful of cars to pin the F's performance chops among our more serious enthusiasts, and to maybe allow some track showings that help establish Lexus as a member of the high-performance auto club. Most folks will say "wow," head for the dealership, and drive home in the current choices. Can't say I like the busy rear-end treatment with the four exhausts, and that blue is deal killer for me, but I presume there will be other colors. But, give me an hour with the car at Road Atlanta, and I'm your man! Lexus mgmt, do you want my cell phone number?
  9. My personal policy is to never buy extended warranties or protection packages of any kind. In nearly 60 years of driving and some 40 automobiles, I've never needed such a thing -- at least not at the usual cost. Sooner or later, your car will get dings and scratches; the wheels will get stone chips. Are you going to fix all of them, and are they all covered? If you live in an area where there is a lot of debris and road hazards, there is some argument for the tire coverage, but you can replace a tire for $200 or so. I've lost two tires to road damage (out of pocket cost about $400 for the two over about four years). And when you buy replacement tires, you can buy road hazard coverage for about $15 - $20 per tire. Comes down to a question of risk management: What is the risk you'll incur such damage, and what is the potential cost to repair? Is the potential damage worth $900 out of your pocket up-front? If the answer is yes, keep the package. But I would decline, hands down. Good move on the new RX. I think the new version, expected to be bigger, will not be as attractive as a mid-size SUV.
  10. We (I'm a city councilman) recently bought an Explorer as the work vehicle for the director of public works, and I am very impressed. It is solid and quiet. I think in the top trim level it is not far off from the RX, but maybe not. My wife's '09 came equipped with the trailer towing pkg, but we never tow anything. So we get the benefit of the HD radiator and the transmission oil cooler. We do regular maintenance by the book, and we're coming up on 65K miles. It looks pretty much like new inside and out. So I'm guessing that unless we just want another car, this will last until we are both unable to drive. Maybe we'll never have to make a decision about a next vehicle.
  11. The NX is indeed based on the RAV4. I think I read somewhere that the new RX will continue to be based on the Camry chassis. If we are looking at a Highlander-size successor to the RX, I would be looking at a Grand Cherokee diesel. But seeking to stay approximately same size with the RX, the Mercedes mid-size GL (X?) would become prime candidate, or maybe the Ford Explorer.
  12. And on your succinct conclusion, I rest my case.
  13. I said NT, and of course, it is NX (I can't keep up with the nomenclature). A bigger RX may improve competitive position and against the MDX, and I'm guessing that Lexus product planners and mgrs have looked at the trade-offs. But based on my observations of the RAV4 and reading the reviews on the NX, I'd not see it as a successor to our current RX. I think that one of the reasons the RX 350 remains the top-selling mid-size luxury SUV, and the usual top pick by raters, is that it hits the sweet spot on size, utility, hauling capacity, and comfort. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  14. I probably didn't look at the picture very carefully, but it looks a little cleaner than my wife's '09 -- maybe the color. I was surprised not to see something more in the family look of the NT, so you are likely correct that it's current model. I could go for an RX more in the mold of the NT, but only if it remains about the same size. Will reserve judgment until I see one, but am not interested in a Toyota version of the Buick Enclave.
  15. In the picture, the design seems to have been cleaned up a bit, but from the rear 3/4 view not as edgy as I had anticipated based on the NT. Initial reaction is that I generally like the looks. Making it bigger is a good way for Lexus to ensure that we drive my wife's '09 forever, or that we look at competitors. I'm guessing we'll find the NT too small and the RX too big, based on the write-up. I like the idea of lighter materials, and I hope there is a sport suspension or HD suspension outside of the f-sport package. But if the new RX is substantially bigger, we won't be interested, and I think Lexus will shoot itself in the proverbial foot. I plan to attend the Chicago auto show, and perhaps will get to see it there and make a better assessment.
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