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  1. Well klonny, have you dumped your Lexus? Or are you just wanting to spread your misery on this forum without the facts, which are that you bought a used Lexus that now has over 100,000 miles and you don't like some of the original features of the car. Next time you buy a car, how about test driving it and getting a certified pre-owned Lexus? A quote that was totally meant for you follows: "WAAAAAAAH!!! I have 100,000 miles on my car and I have to fix something! ROFLMAO!"
  2. Again, what I don't understand is why you still own this car? Good luck with the electrical on the beamer !! A quote that was totally meant for you follows: "WAAAAAAAH!!! I have 100,000 miles on my car and I have to fix something! ROFLMAO!"
  3. What I don't understand is why you still own this car? Here is a quote from another member to you that you should read or re-read: "WAAAAAAAH!!! I have 100,000 miles on my car and I have to fix something! ROFLMAO!"
  4. Well said!! Getting tired of klonny whining and not owning up to the fact that he bought a used Lexus with high mileage and has no idea of how the previous owner cared for the car.
  5. A few months ago I purchased a 2007 RX 350 with 76k miles,now has 78k miles. Car came with Goodyear Eagle RS-A P235/55R18 99V which means they are 18 inch V rated tires. I am looking for the most comfortable ride possible, as I spend alot of time driving. My better half thinks I should buy 17" wheels and non-V rated tires. We've always had great luck with Michelens in our 1998 Volvo x-c sport wagon, but before spending all of the money on tires and wheels, would like to get some opinions from some knowlegeable Lexus owners. As a side note I had to have both rear wheel bearings replaced, which I am not complaining about, although was wondering if I went to the smaller wheel and tire if that would significantly reduce the possibility of blowing out the wheel bearings again.
  6. I suspect it was your wheel bearings, not wind noise.
  7. Thank you cduluk for your line by line commentary and for putting this thread into perspective. A few months ago I bought a pre-owned 2007 Lexus RX 350 with 73,000 miles from a Lexus dealer in Massachusetts. The car looks and rides like a new car and was priced a couple thousand dollars under any other 2007 Lexus RX 350 advertised. Yesterday, I noticed a rather loud noise and was told by Lexus dealer that both wheel bearings need to be replaced for about $1100. While I have owned other cars that have not had bearings that needed to be replaced till well over 100k, you make an excellent point, that it is a used car with high mileage and one never knows how previous owner treated the vehicle. I was interested in your comment "there's a pretty cheap kit you can install to get around this, all for less than the price of an aftermarket nav unit." Could you please let me know where I might be able to find that kit? As a first time Lexus owner, I must say it has been a very positive experience. I don't think that at all- read the sticky thread in the Hybrid forum i started after i got my Rx400h. There are a lot of things i don't think the RX does very well. Actually, i like the navigation in the Lexus. The only drawback i find is the inability to use it while driving, but there's a pretty cheap kit you can install to get around this, all for less than the price of an aftermarket nav unit. Every Lexus navigation system since 1998 has this lockout, and the 07-present system is their best. You should have made the effort to learn how it worked BEFORE buying the car. Your argument doesn't have any integrity. You bought a USED car, from a non-Lexus dealer, one with DOUBLE the average mileage for that model year. All of your complaints (except for the functionality of the nav and price for a key; all knowledge that was available prior to purchase) are based on wear and tear. Your problems are consistent with a car that was abused for 70k miles. You can't claim your issues are due to poor quality on Lexus' part as you have NO proof the car wasn't tortured before you owned it. Only if you were the original owner of the car could you suggest that build quality is the cause of your problems. I don't know why you're having difficulty with the logic... Again, your experiences with your Rx are not such that you can make judgements about the RX as a whole. You don't have the ability to determine that mileage alone is the cause of your RX's problems, as you don't know how those first 70k miles were driven. The average Lexus with 70k-100k miles doesn't experience the same premature failure of the parts you've described. So your accusations that Lexus is to blame for what you're going through is unjustified. No one needs to hear from you that buying a used car with double the average mileage is a stupid idea; we already know that. The risk of buying a car with high mileage is the same for a Lexus as it is for a Buick. It's not the build quality that should be feared with high mileage, but rather the fact that you don't know how the car was treated beforehand. I have news for you; the components you've experienced failure with on your 2007 Rx350 are identical to those on the 2004 Rx330, which was designed in 2001-2002, entering service in April of 2003 as the 2004 model. By 2010 when you bought your RX, you could have very easily done your research on how the RX ages with time and mileage. And i think you will find that even the oldest 2004 Rx NOW, hasn't even experienced the same failures that yours has. Seriously?? I don't know what Highlander you were looking at, but the materials for the dash and steering wheel aren't even close. The Highlander uses hard plastics in the places where the Rx utilizes soft vinyl (glove compartment, center console trim, door panels...) and the steering wheel of the Highlander is vinyl whereas the RX steering wheel is leather and wood- real wood that is, as compared to the plastic "printed" wood in the Toyota. And the leather for the seats is entirely different between the Lexus and Toyota, both in texture and softness. And you show me one entry level Acura, Mercedes or BMW that you think has quality interior materials and i'll show you 5 Lexus' that beat it. This is a forum where people come to vent and seek help when problems first occur with their Lexus. I don't think there's a single active member on this forum who can say their first thread was anything but a complaint or question about a problem they were experiencing. People don't join and become active members because they want to praise Lexus. So yes, 99% of the threads started on this forum are by new members (such as yourself) that have problems with their Lexus and want help. The majority of Lexus owners do not experience problems, and therefore do not feel the need to post on this site. When you're reading this forum, all you're gonna see are people's problems. But it doesn't mean everyone, or even 1/50th of Lexus owners, are having problems. People don't go to the hospital to learn how to cure illnesses; they go to the hospital after they have acquired the illness. When you go to a hospital, do you assume everyone in the world is sick just because everyone in the hospital is sick? No, of course not. So it doesn't make sense to think that the Rx is plagued by design just because the majority of the threads started on this forum are about problems with their cars. Get it now?