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  1. Hey Gang; I have a 2008 GS350 RWD with the Mark Levinson/Navigation combo. Beyond paying my Lexus dealer several hundred dollars for the Factory OEM I-pod interface and installation, what are the best aftermarket options that are out there? Would like to save some $$, but also want to make sure I get the best sound quality and a direct connection into the factory radio unit (e.g., would like to stay away from any FM modulators). Thanks a bunch for suggestions! Ross
  2. Hey Swabby, I have a 2008 Lexus GS350 (RWD). Last Fall, I opted for the Continental Extreme Contact DWS, as I was NOT going to face another Ohio winter with the Sumitomo ultra high-performance summer tires that came on my car; might as well have been driving on ball bearings with those. Chose the DWS based on Tire Rack reviews and videos, and was able to get a very good deal at Discount Tire Direct. The DWS was FANTASTIC through the winter; not once did I have any of those "white knuckle" moments that I was used to experiencing, and they did surprisingly well on ice and even moderate snow. Although they position themselves as a all-season tire, not sure that I would want to use them as a "year-round" option as they do not ride quite as smoothly in the dry (in my own opinion), but overall I am extremely happy with them in my GS. Hope this helps. Good luck! Ross
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