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  1. Hey Monarch. I'm new to the world of Lexus. 1992 LS400 271K running like a champ. Just wanted to make friends with the Gurus on the site. Thanks

  2. Which one is it I've seen on several forums that Dextron II / III ATF. I've been running regular PSF for a few months and did not know abut the Dextron II. So now that I know I will be flushing the system to the correct fluid. Hope I did not damage the steering system. I am also going to replace the Air Control Valve had a spell with blue smoke at ca cols start too.
  3. And after looking over a few forums it does say to use Dextron II / III ATF. Now with that said am I looking at any power steering failure? Should I flush the system? I've had the car since Nov 2010 with no issues. I am going to replace the air control valve on the side of the pump just to make sure that the valve is not leaking into the engine. Any feed back will be helpful. Thanks.

  4. I've been having power steering problems. Had blue smoke at a cold start up. Replaced to vacuum hoses from the Air control Valve. Did not replace with the original hose(aftermarket vacuum hose) Now I hear an suction sound from the power steering unit, but no low idle. I did make one mistake adding regular power steering fluid to the unit. I did not know that the unit requires Dextron II ...

  5. I'm having the same problem with my 1992 LS400 271K miles. I replaced the iacv. After giving it a little gas at start up my idle is a little low. My throttle body is clean, and plenty of fuel pressure. What can I check next?
  6. Ok I need a little help!!! I recently had a bad Idle Air Control Valve. Replaced that. But now when I start the car in the morning I have to give it a little gas in order for it to keep running. Car will run on it's own after a few seconds but with a low idle. Checked all the vacuum lines but I seem to still here air around the power steering pump area. Any help please..

  7. Finally got my first Lexus up and running. This car runs like a champ. I have a 1992 LS 400 with 268K. When I purchased the car it needed rear brakes/idler pulley/battery/oil change/fuel filter. Now she is up to speed. All of the problems that I had before, I solved them by cleaning the throttle body and replacing the fuel filter.

  8. New to the world of Lexus

  9. I just purchased a 1992 LS 400. Car drive great for a few days then began to accelerate slowly up hill. Read the codes came up with 21 Main O2 Sensor left bank / 25 Air Fuel Lean Malfunction / 41 Throttle Position Sensor Signal / 71 EGR System Malfunction / I'm new to the world of Lexus and I love the car. Can anyone help. Thanks In Advance Ajg2business.