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  1. Hi there,  I have a 97 LS 400 so it's the same as yours.  Did you have to remove the 2nd egr pipe in order to lift & remove the rear water brigde?  I couldn't get access to the top 2 egr pipe's bolts so I only disconnected the bottom 2 bolts right on top of the cat & was able to lift the brigde enough to get to the two 14mm starter bolts but the starter stuck in there.  I've looked at the new starter & it's only attached via the 2 bolts so what the heck?  Was your popped right out?  Did I miss any thing.  Please advise.  Thanks, John

  2. While trying to fix a cam sensor problem on my car, in which one of the symptoms was a miss on the highway, I cleaned the crankshaft sensor. I was changing the timing belt at the time, so I don't know exactly what was making the cam sensor code come back even after I had changed it, but my crank sensor was caked with about an 1/8th inch of gunk. It may not make a difference, but it is fairly easy to get to, from the bottom front of the car.
  3. Well, the car has about 160,000 miles, and the belt had a bunch of small cracks and was very shiny, so I would assume that it was the original belt because going by the "every 90,000 mile" table, I doubt it would look that bad if it was the second belt. And yes, I installed the belt just as you described.
  4. Well guys I got it to work! Wow, what a difference! It drives like a brand new car. I'm pretty positive that the belt markings were off. If I were to do it again, I would'nt bother turning the crank 50 degrees. As long as you use some chicken wire going through the back of the cams to hold them steady, until you have the belt on. I would have to say that doing the timing belt seemed like it was a bit easier than changing the starter. Anyway, I had previously changed the plugs, wires, rotors, caps, and radiator, so it really drives like new. The symptoms I had were a code for the driver's cam s
  5. I am definitely thinking the belt markings are off. It is not OEM. I should find out today.
  6. Thanks a bunch guys! No, I'm not starting anything until everything aligns. That's probably true that if you don't rotate the 50 degrees, then you don't need markings on the belt at all. As long as the crank is at "0", and the cam pulleys align with the rear plates. I guess at this point, I will just put the crank at "0", take off the belt, then align the cam pulleys with the rear plates. I will use some wire to hold the cams in place, just to be safe until the belt is back on. I still can't understand how it is supposed to line up after rotating it 50 degrees, because it obviously did'nt work
  7. Thanks for the great looking pic. By the way that you had the cam pulleys aligned with the rear plates and the belt marks, I would have to assume that you did not rotate the crank 50 degrees from "0". Am I right? Because if you had, the cam pulleys would have been about 25 degrees to the right of the rear plate marks. I'm also assuming that the pic was taken before you rotated the crank twice to check timing. Because I think after you rotate twice, the belt marks no longer align with the cam pulleys. Please let me know if you did or did not rotate the crank 50 degrees from "0", so that I may t
  8. I was just looking at that. When turning the crank 50 degrees clockwise, my cams also turn, just like is shown. Then I install the belt like shown on the crank, then align the left and right cams with the marks on the belt, just like shown. At this point the crank pulley is still 50 degrees right from "0". So then I rotate twice, and the cams align with the rear plates, but the crank mark is at the 3rd mark before "0" (just left of the "10"). If I put crank mark at "0", then the cams will be right of the rear plate marks. I did it exactly as shown, the only thing I can think of is maybe the ma
  9. On my 97 LS400, I had the cam pulley marks aligned with the marks at the cam rear plates. And, the crankshaft pulley mark at "0". Then I turned the crank 50 degrees clockwise. I removed old belt and installed new one. I put the bottom belt mark with the circle indention on the crank pulley, then aligned the left and right cam pulley marks with the belt marks. The problem is when I rotate the crank twice, the cam pulleys are only aligned with the rear plates, when the crank mark is on the most left notch (just left of the "10")instead of the "0". I checked it twice. Is this right or what did I
  10. Take off the all the air tubing and filter all the way to the throttle body. Take off the black spark plug covers (4 bolts each). Wires and plugs are accessible. Caps and rotors just need to be unscrewed. Rotors have a notch they fit into, so they should not be put on wrong. Just make sure the plug wires are secure and not interfering with the timing belt.
  11. I have the same problem. My timing belt is definitely due for a change, so I will be changing it very soon. Will post results.
  12. I was getting the same code. I replaced the drivers side cam sensor. Also, the coolant temp sensor and the seafoam treatment (just for maintenance purposes). The car runs fine now, but the code still keeps coming up. Might not be related but, during this same time period, I started having to give it gas until the car warms up, then it runs fine. I had replaced the iacv, no change. I'm thinking maybe the temp sensor I installed was junk or maybe an air leak from when I replaced the starter (I did'nt use new intake gaskets). Any other suggestions for the cold start problem would help. Thanks
  13. I had replaced the starter a few months back, and I reused the gaskets. So, a vacuum leak is a very real possibility. Once the car is warm, it will run fine. Though I have'nt checked recently, what I can't understand is why the code for the driver side cam sensor kept popping up shortly after erasing it. I had just installed a new sensor. One would think that it is working properly given that once the car is warm it drives fine. I'm not sure, but I don't think the cam sensor would be related to a cold start issue.
  14. Anybody have any ideas of where the fuel pressure should be checked?
  15. I picked up a fuel pressure gauge. I did'nt see a schrader valve on the fuel rail. Can someone tell me the easiest place to connect the gauge (front or back, left side or right side), to check the fuel pressure. Thanks
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