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  1. Service Scam

    I brought my 2010 RX 350 AWD to the dealer for it’s 60K mile oil change, air filter and brake fluid replacement, and the list of various vehicle 60K inspections. The service rep called me over and said that the he recommended the following work: - replace the main drive belt which was fraying ($215 parts & labor) - drain & refill front / rear differentials which he said had darkened oil ($204 parts & labor) - replace the vent valve sub-assembly which he said was bad ($87 parts & labor) - replace the motor inside the steering column which was intermittently squealing ($3,000 parts & labor...SO MUCH FOR LEXUS RELIABILITY). What upsets me most is being advised to drain & fill the differentials at 60K miles. I had an AWD Mountaineer for 10 years & 130K miles and never touched the differentials. The 60K maintenance list says to “inspect” the differential oil, but it seems the dealerships use that as a way to squeeze more money from the service visit, advising that the “fluid doesn’t look good.” WHY IN THE WORLD SHOULD I NEED NEW DIFFERENTIAL OIL ON A LEXUS THAT COST OVER $45K, WITH ONLY 60K MILES ON IT...WHEN MY OLDER SUVS NEVER NEEDED SUCH WORK? I went online and found several other owners complaining of EXACTLY the same thing at their 60K mile service visits. Has Lexus prepped their service reps to scam up differential fuid service when it’s not needed? Sure seems that way. I have emailed the above to Lexus corporate.
  2. Winter Tires And Rims

    My dealer never mentioned anything like this to me. Why would the pressure sensors require you buy winter tires??? As long as we are discussing tires, are the Michelin tires on my 2010 RX 350 AWD (18" wheels) "directional?" Reason I ask is the manual says to rotate front to back and back to front; I read somewhere else this is because the tires are "directional" and must stay on the same side of the vehicle. I have never used that pattern before...and always got 55K miles on the tires of my previous AWD SUV. Thanks
  3. Maintenance Question

    My rep said they visually check it out, dont actually touch it. I said that's not what the maintenance log says, and he basically said it's outdated and not to pay attention to that item.
  4. Brake Pad Rust

    Okay, thanks
  5. My 2010 RX350 owners manual states that every 5000 miles the drive shaft bolts must be re-torqued. I am sure thats not a cheap service. (1) What the heck is that for? Never heard of such a thing. My old car went 200,000 miles and I never touched the driveshaft. Now I have to torque bolts every 5000 miles on a $45000 vehicle??? (2) Can I do this myself? Are there instrctions / diagram someweher for this? Thanks! Ken in Md
  6. Brake Pad Rust

    My 2010 RX350 (4800 miles) looks like the brake pads are showing signs of rust. Is this normal with these exposed brake assemblies? Ken in Md