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  1. I'm looking for a good set of stock 18" 5 spoke wheels and tires from 06/07 GS 300/350/430. If any of you has a set in good/mint condition, please pm me or shoot me an email at ball4lyfe@hotmail.com I'm located in Vancouver, BC. Thanks a bunch! :)
  2. Hello, I just made a purchase of my 07 GS350 AWD and still waiting for it to get here. (from East Coast) Coming from a 2006 Infiniti M35 Sport, I'm excited about owning my first Lexus. Looking forward to getting much help from this forum. :)
  3. I owned a 35 before my GS430..the infinity is VERY thirsty. Heck my 430 does a bit better. For measure I avg. 22mpg with 60-40 city/hwy at best right now with a heavy foot.. Ive gotten 29 hwy going 75 on road trips..the trade off in mpg is well worth it for Lexus imo. I owned an 2006 35 and got 17 on a GOOD week in the car with a 60-40 mix. I did better in my vette.. BOL hunting. Update- New commute for me now..Im at about 80-20 City now..Im getting 21 on avg this month..I must say the commute is mostly me going about 50mph in the city and not a ton of lights at night.. I second that as I too previously owned a 2006 M35 Sport. VERY thirsty.