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  1. 22's on any Lexus is straight ghetto!!! What are you trying to prove that your ballin??? Please your just showing that your ghetto as hell!!! Just like Jay-Z said 20" rims "WE OFF THAT" just get the OEM chrome wheels much nicer & clean look C'mon Son! step your game up!!
  2. I installed 2 Memphis 10" subs powered by a Rockford Fosgate Punch 40, the only wire that I had to run was the main lead going from the battery to the amp, I ran my ground wire from one of the may grounding points in the trunk, clipped the 4 wires coming from the factory sub and hooked them up to the hi/lo converter I purchased, *note* the hi/lo converter I purchased also had a remote power feature built into it that powers on the amp when low current is detected from hi level input..it was a fairly short and simple job for me took about 1/2 hour in total time.
  3. GO to oewheelsllc.com they have chrome factory wheels for pretty decent prices.
  4. Well....I'm running 2 10" Memphis speakers in a ported box powered by a Rockford Fosgate Punch 40 system was very easy to hook up and sound system bumps really hard.