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  1. also, when i said my cars a 91 and it takes type 4 the guy at toyota-of all places-was very confused because apparently they only started using type 4 on most vehicles in 2000, more proof that the LS is very ahead of its time
  2. make sure its toyota type 4 atf, i put in dexron 3 and my car ran so rough, i had to go to the dealer and got 9 litres which costed $80 and ran all of it through, now it runs fine, when it was stopped in drive you could feel bumps and vibrating, not good
  3. its pretty easy to change the plugs on this car, on the one side you just have to remove all the intake stuff, its not hard, should take about an hour, i would recomend changing you spark plug wires too, when i was changing mine, i broke one of the wires, and had to wait a few days for the part to come in
  4. i cleaned my throttle body and intake after 400, 000 kms and im guessing that was the first time its been done, you couldnt even make out the throttle it was so covered, this procedure is defiantly worth it with the power you get back
  5. my LS came with chevy locking nuts on it? previous owner must have put them on, and it cost me $20 to get them off at a tire shop
  6. ok thanks alot for the input, defiantly not doing it
  7. my power steering pump is gone and leaks fluid when i put it in, i have a 91 and have experienced the alternator problems
  8. so i put my ls on the lift at school and looking under it i realized there are 3 catalytic converters and 2 of what i think are resonators before the mufflers, as i am a kid and emissions and noise are not the biggest deal to me, and more power is, i was thinking about removing the first 2 that come off right by the engine, then the pipes converge to one, go through one more cat, then split again to go to the resonators which i was also planning on removing, thus hopefully relieving the engine of some resistance and increasing power maybe. i was thinking there might be some o2 sensors around there as this being the car that it is may have a few, has anyone on here done this, or know if there are o2 sensors around these areas? or know if this will give it some power, or just make it louder
  9. i mean 80km/h, the transmission makes sense as it has a weak tranny
  10. i have a 91 ls400 with 400 xxx kms the car runs great as it has had quite a few new parts put into it, but, when i reach about 80 with overdrive off the rpms start bouncing around like just a couple notches but the car jerks a bit and it kinda scares me, when i put it into over drive it goes back to normal usually, but once it has done this with overdrive on, any input? i am replacing the spark plugs in the next few days, but i doubt that will help. on another note, any spark plug recommendations?