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  1. B and B Suspension LLC. is once again trying to educate the LX community. There is STILL counterfeit AHC fluid in Toyota's supply system, though number of reports we see is way down. We urge LX owners to convert their vehicles to DEXRON VI instead of using AHC fluid when changing the oil. We have developed a simple method for 'cleaning up' a contaminated system which is field proven to work extremely well. We see 'someone' is offering 'new OEM' accumulators from Japan on EBAY for significantly LESS than Dealers here pay for them. Obviously those are NOT 'Genuine' and are either stole
  2. You describe flat accumulators . Please send me an email ( and I will send you the diagnostics and help you resolve the problem
  3. We suggest you advise your Insurance about what you have done. Without the AHC, they may decide not to insure it as the emergency manuvering characteristics do not meet the certification requirments of the NTHSA. Some companies are OK with owner mods, many others will not insure vehicles when the safety features have been degraded.
  4. Alternative suspension fluids. Safe Substitutes for Lexus / Toyota AHC Fluid The Automatic Height Control suspension of the LX-470 and LC-100 series vehicles uses a very low viscosity hydraulic fluid (AHC fluid) that is a highly refined petroleum based shock absorber fluid. AHC fluid is expensive (+/- $45 for a 2.5 liter can or about $20 per quart.) Many owners have asked if there are suitable substitutes that are not as costly. The cost of AHC fluid is trivial in the overall scope of owning and maintaining this class of luxury SUV. Generally speaking, Owners sh
  5. B and B Suspension LLC has invested a lot of time and money to determine the cause for multiple and repeated accumulator failures on the LX-470 / LC-100 vehicles. We have furnished new parts at no cost to customers immediately when any failures were reported--not waiting for deposits or return of the failed parts when we were not certain of the cause. These same parts were and are performing quite well in other (non-AHC) services. We finally were convinced that contamination of the AHC fluid was the root cause of the failures. Our uncertainty was heightened when even customers who thorough
  6. As an example of the ill informed customers we have had and deal with-see below. We have many GOOD water reaction tests from customers all over the world clear water layer--very slight haze in the oil layer. These are with both original straw colored oil, and the new 'pink' AHC fluid. GENUINE pink AHC fluid gives good-excellent Water Reaction Tests. SOME 'stuff' supposedly right out of new cans purchased from Dealer, and in at least 3 cases--reported to us by Lexus Service Managers--the new 'stuff' gave horrible results on the Water Reaction Test. The horrible results proves the 'stu
  7. NEVER machine are warped aluminum cylinder head unless the warpage exceeds the allowed amount significantly. The reason is : The camshaft and bearings MUST be parallel to the crankshaft AND in a perfectly straight line. When a generic machine shop grinds off the high spots from the 'block' side to straighten it, the thickness along the head is now uneven and the distance from the crankshaft to the camshafts will be uneven along their length when the head bolts are tightened. This will, depending on where and how much metal was removed, lead to camshaft breakage and engine destruction. T
  8. maybe it IS a squeaking belt? Using a mechanics stethoscope or even a short length of garden hose you can 'listen' along each valve cover to see if the noise is coming from a particular area.
  9. A failing 9 year old (2011-2002) paint job is not going to be 'warranty replaced' by anyone. Some colors just do not last as long under the bright California sunshine and L.A area 'smog.' IF it had started peeling in 3-4 years possibly.
  10. The photos sent to B and B clearly show significant contamination in the fluid. The water layer should be crystal clear and the oil layer transparent, but with some haze---AND should cleanly separate within 5 minutes at room temperature. We have been CONSISTENT in our communications. We have tested AMSOIL 5 and it does give GOOD test results when not contaminated. This owner did have a Seriously contaminated system, which we discovered after 3 complete sets of accumulators had failed ( 2nd and 3 sets furnished at NO COST) and Customer was advised it would likely take 2 or 3 flushing cycles fo
  11. We have previously provided digital copies of Water Reaction Test results for known genuine Toyota (Lexus) AHC fluid. The water layer remains crystal clear, the oil layer gets 'hazy' as expected with the water contact (it will clear in a few days or on heating), but there is no scum or 'cuff' at the interface between the two layers. Hydraulic fluids and shock absorber fluids like AHC DO NOT contain any detergents. They contain anti-wear, anti-foam, anti-oxidant and viscosity index improver additives. The fluids do not cause deterioration of nitrile or 'Buna' synthetic rubbers, which will las
  12. B and B Suspension LLC offers the follow for consideration in response to the negative comments recently posted by a short handful (less than 5) former customers. 1) We normally ship using FedEx ground since it is economical, reliable, and prompt.. We WILL ship overnite (air express) if a customer requests and agrees to pay the extra cost--both for FedEx and B&B. The party claiming he paid for overnite and 'got 6 day' is untruthful. We have FedEx reports proving that untruth. We are awaiting payment from that person for the extreme compassionate discount to $200 total cost, inclu
  13. Settle down folks. Ya'll trying to brain surgery on a gnat with a backhoe. There are a great many things that will conspire to cause an electric gauge like that on the LX-470 oil pressure be unrepeatable and a poor indicator of reality. First there is the pressure sensing element , that converts the actual oil pressure into a resistance that varies with pressure. Then there are the electrical connections to that precise?? sensor. Then ther eis the actual voltage applied across that precise? sensor to produce a current flow (milliamps). Then there are the connections in the wiring harness a
  14. We strongly suggest you test the AHC oil for contamination. mileage and age are too low/young for first accumulators to go out. See the attached 'water reaction test.' Shocks on the LX NEVER wear out. There is nothing but oil and a chrome rod in them. All the dampening is in the multi-position computer controlled valve in the steel casting to which the strut accumulators mount. The suspension travel is limited by gas remaining in each accumulator. When the 'shock' is compressed, the oil has to flow into that accumulator, otherwise no travel, no bump absorption. A leaking strut is highly unu
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