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  1. I have purchased 3 sets of front accums for my 00 LK470 from B and B suspension and I am still getting the bounce after about 3 to 4 months of use. I have followed the directions from Keith(owner of B & B) and I get the same result. Are the factory accums that much more reliable and are the after markets just plain faulty? Has anyone experienced anything like this if they have bought aftermarket accums?
  2. Thanks Dave, If the accums are defective will that prevent the pump from working and give me that indication? I have replaced them before with the B & B accums and I have not had much luck I think it's time for me to purchase them from Lexus. And operating the pump manually is that difficult to do and what type of equipment would I need?
  3. My 2000 LX 470's AHC off light is blinking and the truck is in the low position. The manual say it will automatically go into the normal ride height but mine will not. Where do I start to troubleshoot the AHC problem. My accumulators are fine. What else???