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  1. well my motot has bout 135k miles on it and goin na-t seems more expemsive than doing the 1jz swap but i cant seem to find a reasonable guess on labor for the swap so i cant be forsure on that or not idk just i dont fell comforable putting a turbo on that motor since it has that many miles on it id def rather have a fresher motor that comes turbo
  2. ok ive finally made up my mind that im not going to go with a turbo kit but rather just do tha swap. my motor has little bit to many miles, anyway the 1jz seems more appealing for my situation since i can afford to buy it and prolly more or less afford the labor as well were as on the 2jz i can afford to buy but not pay for the labor. my question is , is the 1jz just as reliable and strong as the 2jz cause seems like thats the way i should go considering my resources at the wanting to hit the mid 300 hp range in doing this and i know ill have to get big injectors and what not to get
  3. k i couldnt find anything in past forumns so imma ask wat ppls opinion is on the best or decent chip for my car for around 100-200 that give me at least 30hp or more
  4. alright im lookng for an after market clutch for my 92 sc300 mine went out im looking to spend around 300-350 for the kit. anyone have any info on wats goood and wats not. im wanting at least a stage 2 clutch kit. and also im wanting to have a full exhaust anyone know of a good perfomace exhaust manifold and piping and muffler thats aint too expensive any help will be appreciated o ya one other thing wich is bettter a full disc clutch or the slotted clutch disks?
  5. Alright so is there any of them that cme with the headers and complete exhuast or they just the Bolt on ends
  6. just also wondering what good exhuast anyony has purchased for under 1000 tha they would recomend seems like its between that megan and the tanabe series
  7. i have 92 sc300 and my clutch went out. seems now is a better time then ever to get a perfomance clutch kit for my car. justwondering whats a good company or trusted brand that makes satge 2 clutches for theses cars
  8. ya cause lookin around ive found tha jdm 2jzgte and6spd trany for bout 5000 and they come with harness and complete ecu it looks like
  9. We'll I'm not gonna go get a new car with all that I only paid 300o for my car. But you think it would be better to just buy tha jdm 2jzgte w/ tha 6 SPd tranny or get a turbo kit. Cause I can't sell this car and I have bout 5000 right almost 6000 saved
  10. no its a 5spd i dont know im just wanting to have a complete turbo kit and installed and tuned and have at least over 325hp so just guessing what im a lookin at price whise cause im just loookin for the best deal for a turbo kit cause they r all so freakinexpensive for lexusim just lookin for some advice im not wanting to have to spend like 6 grand or watever to get a turbo in my car i mean i only got a min wage job lol and im gettin money for this turbo by selling my old car just whatever will work but i dont want any cheap parts tho just seems easier to swap a jdm twin t into it
  11. k well i looked alittle more and found this im thinking bout buying this and selling the turbo it somes with and getting a smaller one so my car could still be a daily driver and so the motor could hande it without being rebuild and also think it would be ok to put a turbo if my motor has 134k miles if i only run like 8psi?
  12. You'll get the same performance, it's just the name you're buying. The performance depends on turbo size also, there are many different size for turbos. If you put a turbo into an NA car, don't expect to just buy the turbo and slapping it on. You'll spend way more money on turbo charging a non-turbo car than just swapping it. If you go turbo, i suggest you swap it off with a turbo motor. i dont want to have to hassle with motor swapping i know a mechanic that can prolly install it for me im just trying to get around 350hp or more and a turbo kit and exhaust seems to get me there this is
  13. can someone please give me some advice bout the turbos for these cars. im wanting to know if i should buy the turbonetics one for 4k or is it safe to get one of the ones for around 1k am i going to get the same perfomance? or are the turbonetics just better quality and perform better?
  14. are the carbon fiber trunk and hood and racing seats worth the cost? how much weight could you honestly save?
  15. alright just need little advice i have a 92 sc300 with bout 134k miles on it. in the process of selling my car and when i do i plan to dump the money into my Lexus. im wanting to get a turbo but just wondering if tha motor can take it with 134k miles on it i found one on ebay for bout 1k but i hear tha turbos on there are *BLEEP*ty just need some advice thanks
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