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  1. Installed a new speaker in my front door and was running the sound system at volume to check for rattles. Ran less than 5-10 minutes when it cut out, nav display went blank and it was dead. Hooked up a battery charger. After 10 minutes I was able to start the car and I was back in business. Does the system pull that much current or do I have a bad battery? I had it checked 2 weeks ago during service and they told me the battery checked out fine. Car seems ti start fine now, as well Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  2. I had this happen after a battery check was done. The Lexus logos would come up as usual but no nav or backup camera. If memory serves I did have climate control and something else. Turned out there here was a 7.5A fuse that blew in the panel in the floor of the trunk. I am told that one of the first things to do with an electronics issue is check all of the fuses because everything is so interconnected.
  3. Hello all, new to forum but not new to Lexus/Toyota. Have a pretty good mechanical background. I am the new owner of my parents’ 2004 LS430UL. They bought it new, and it has 83k miles. All service was done at the Lexus dealer until Mom moved here 3-4 years ago when she began using a very good Lexus specialist. It has been driven about 1500 miles in the past 18 months or so. I’m going to keep it - it’s value is in driving, I think, because the retail value just doesn’t seem like enough for the car I’ve changed all of the filters, including the underseat filters and have repl
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