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  1. 1996 SC300 180,000 miles no probs other than rear oil seal, and now fan belt skreaching new tires and batt, not bad for a 96
  2. When I start my sc300 1996 the belt squills just at start up,just a chirp! then if I turn on the ac and turn the wheels all the way to bind the belt it does it worst, I can drive it and it does ok. I even pulled off the belt and replaced it and no change,But while I had the belt off the pullys on power steering and ac turns freely. even the ten.pully so any help please? I have been told try changing the belt tensioner? It just seems like if I crank it with ac on it really squills when the belt is under the most load, As said above with ac off it still makes noise but just a churp then no more unless the ac is on and turning and gasing on it a little.If I turn on the ac as I'm moving it does fine it seems like the belt is just slipping for whatever reason...
  3. Hi all, I have a 1996 sc300 and need a Lexus 6 Disc CD Changer Magazine for my changer, everything is there but the magazine. also in 96 what brand is in the car? So if anyone knows where I can get one please let me know. the changer is in the trunk. thanks
  4. Hi all, I just bought me a 1996 sc300 with 177000 miles on it and this car runs great! Black in color so i'm adding new leather and a wheel package and load a pic soon. Great cars