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What an experience!  I was on interstate and felt a little stutter. Ten seconds later every possible warning alert happened: hybrid system fail, ICS  system fail, all wheel drive fail, engine warning, contact dealer, and reduced braking ability. The gas engine stopped and I went to the shoulder. Running on electric only I made it to my exit before all power was lost. I turned off the car and restarted. All of the same alerts came up but the gas engine was running. Only a mile from home I decided to take the chance. Limped home and Called my dealer. They activated roadside assistance which took about three hours for the tow truck to arrive. It was after hours so they dropped it at my dealer who was expecting it. Long story short, it was the fuel pump and I got my car Bach a day and a half later. They had given me a loaner (GX 460 - yuck!  Thought I’d like it but the 450h beats it hands down). I hope it’s fixed…. this morning on the way to church the info screen went blank for about ten seconds. Now all seems good. Fingers crossed. 

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So you did not get a recall notice from Lexus?  A search of the problem will find claims like this:

 A total of 1.5 million cars from the U.S. have recalled for potential engine stalls and fuel pump failures. The recall covers both Toyota and Lexus models, from 2013 to 2020.  I got he recall on the 2020 and got the pump replaced quickly.

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I received it as a “Service Campaign” notice, not a “Recall”. I was planning on having it fixed at my 30K service which is coming up. Nothing in the notice indicated that if the fuel pump was not changed immediately that you stood the chance of being stranded on the roadside. Don’t get me wrong. I am still a Lexus fan. Every car can have its problems. Hopefully mine are behind me now. 

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