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RX400h heating issues

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I have a 2007 RX400H and has now started to quit heating - periodically.  It heats for a while then just starts to blow cold air.  I have found some things on the UK site, but wondering if this is an issue in N.A. as well.  Since it is -5 or better here heat is a bit important in my car at the moment.  The fan blows great, and I have no other issues, and I have had heater cores go out in other cars and that is not the case.  Any ideas are welcome.

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Have you tried alternating (on/off) the "auto" feature? Does it affect the heat? When was the last time your heating system coil was flushed? There is a temperature control valve also. If you don't want to go to a Lexus dealer, find a good local independent mechanic.

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I have done that.  I usually use the Auto function - much easier in my mind.  When the temperature was below 0 is when the issue happens the most.  I drove today and it heated but not like it uses to.  I am making an appointment with my local mechanic for a full service on it.  Are there specific things I should ask them to look at? Something a bit specific would be better for a female to ask a mechanic.  I get the brush off a bit with cars and women around here.  

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