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HELLPPP! Oil leaked out from 06 IS250 and Engine sounds.

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Hey guys, I’m new on this forum. Just needed a little help on a current situation, here’s a rundown I own a 2006 Lexus IS250 for let’s say 3 months. Long story short, I changed my oil today for the first time and ensured everything was done correctly (Not the first time I’ve done this). I even ensured after the oil change that the oil wasn’t leaking by turning on the car and moving it around etc. About 2 hours or so later I decided to take the car for a spin around my block. Five mins into driving around, the check ENGINE LIGHT APPEARED AND THE ENGINE STARTED MAKING A WEIRD NOISE. I drove back to my home which was 2 mins away and parked the car only to realize THE OIL LEAKED OUT OF IT. My dad came out to check so I switched off and jacked the car, There appeared to be a kink in the oil filter seal and the rest of oil came out. I’m confused on what I should do next. Did I damage the engine? Do I need a replacement? Should I buy more oil and add it?

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