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Does the back glass can be opened on a 2013 LX570


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I have a 2013 Lx570, I would like to confirm of it is possible to open the glass only on the rear liftgate.

I come from a 2010 4runner which can be openen from the dash and also from the rear liftgate itself.

I dont see any button So I might think there is no way to open the window, but...

When I open and lift the the door I see two pneumatic door system.

So I guess one of those is for the glass. Is it?

Or definitely there is no way to open the glass only?

On other hand I have been looking on posts if there is a way to automatically open the liftgate by pressing the button in the liftgate.

Because it open automatically by pressing in the dashboard button and also by pressing the button in the keyfob.

But when I press the button in the liftgate it juat unlock it so I can manually lift it.

There is only powered close by the button in the door.

Sorry I just trew two new questions :p

Thanks in advance for your help.



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