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2013 is250 driver door lock issue

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I’ll try to be brief but will give some background as well as that may help. I just got the car. It was at car lot for a month or so and during that time car battery did die and was replaced. The night I got it and day before this was not noticed or acting sluggish to indicate it was failing. One day later issue started. 

Came out next morning to battery dead and driver door unlocked only. So it never locked prior night. Jumped it and key fob said couldn’t deduct key. Changed key fob battery and all good.  During this process I did have to reset windows as the driver control would not roll down passenger rear window but that was an easy fix. Major problem is key fob will unlock/lock all doors and all doors work with door lock buttons drivers and passenger door lock buttons. However the driver door does not lock or unlock and I have to manually flip it each time. I also put the key in and can’t turn the driver side door lock to manually unlock so I have to manually unlock by getting in thru passenger side door. I know the guy who I got it from and he would have said the driver door lock was acting up. So I don’t know if it is correlated with the batter dying or what. But seems weird cause when I picked up the car that worked fine. I can’t figure out what the issue is and trying to prevent going to a dealership to have actuator looked at. So unsure of any help available in the event it’s minor or could be a fuse or related to the battery dying. Please help.

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