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Check Engine Light

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Hi, I'm hoping there is a Lexus expert out there who can help me with a problem I'm having on my ES300. About a month or so ago, the Check Engine came on. Took it in and the code was PO446-fuel emissions/vapors or something of that sort. They cycled through and the light went off. A week later it came back on. It was due for the 60k mile service so I did that and they cycled through the codes again and the light went off for about a week. Then it's back on. Next drove almost 200 miles to the nearest Lexus dealer and they said they reattached the purge hose to the air cleaner, cycled through the codes and the light went off. Two days later it's back on again. The car is driving fine through all this.

I can't keep driving back and forth 180 miles (360 round trip) to the dealer on this. I have an appt. in town at an Infiniti dealership that also has Lexus certified mechanics. Called the Lexus dealership and they said it could be a clogged Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve (EGR valve). Don't know why they did not check that when I was there. Anyway, can I just keep driving the car with the light on, or does anyone have an idea of what this might be?

Appreciate the help. Love the car other than this.

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