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The VGRS, VSC Off , VSC Trac lights came on in our 2006 LX470 and our normal mechanic wasn't able to reset them.  We took the vehicle to the local Lexus dealer and they diagnosed that the VGRS assembly needs to be replaced, and may have shorted the ECU.  Their quote to replace the VGRS actuator assembly and the ECU assembly was $8,163.07, which seems absurd. 

Here are the dealer notes:

"VGRS light is on as well as VSC light - Performed health check - DTC C1567 current in VGRS system (Lock Mechanism Insertion) - Inspected per repair manual - per repair manual replace VGRS actuator for the DTC - also inspected VGRS ECU - DTC will not clear from ECU - swapped ECU into another known good vehicle and tested and DTC is present in other vehicle with this ECU and will not clear - suspect VGRS actuator possibly shorted out ECU as well - recommend replace VGRS actuator assembly and also recommend replace VGRS ECU assembly calibrate system and recheck."

Can anyone provide advice on this issue and reasonableness of the repair estimate?

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