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OBD Codes p0345 p0365 p0390 07e8 engine


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I have a 2009 Lexus es 350. 7weeks ago I left my lights on for about an hour I came back saw dim lights the battery had given up. so I was given a jump start.
After that, I have had 4 jump starts. if the car sits out for a while it struggles to start or won't start. Or if I turn it on and turn it off after a minute I would need a jump start.
I thought it might be the weather but it's been about upper 30f to 50f degrees that is not terrible I belive because 12months ago I was riding the snow just fine. today 1/3/2020 I had to jump-start it about 5 pm pacific time FYI (dashboard lights working fine foglights on. ) felt like the battery had no enough power. the last time I drove it was yesterday 1/2/2020 about 8 am.
with that in mind, I went to Autozone battery is good and the alternator is good according to the device I saw it myself self and I even purchased a battery tester well a cheaper one and on my end, the battery looks good so as the alternator.
so I became curious and bought an OBD Scanner the Walmart one (Hyper tough OBD Scanner) for 20 dollars long story short it gave me the above 3 codes (p0345 p0365 p0390 07e8 engine)

P0345- Camshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Bank 2
P0365- Camshaft Position Sensor B Circuit Bank 1
P0390- Camshaft Position Sensor B Circuit Bank 2
FYI(No check engine light no light at all)
Does anyone know what this could be and why? fluid leak or just bad camshaft sensors?

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did you figure out the problem? I have the same issue. Changed the camshaft sensor in both banks (before some research) .. looks like it is the computer (pcm or ecu) but could be a fuel sensor. I was just wondering what you came up with. I am a single mom of a college sophomore and a 7th grader. Trying to come up with the best solution and do it myself. I was thinking about resetting the computer, but did not want to have to reprogram it after. 

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