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2000 RX300 timing belt job, won’t stay idling.


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So I recently did the timing belt on my 2000 RX300, 1MZ engine. 

After finishing up I went to go start her, and it would start and idle for about 30 seconds and stutter to a stall. I continued this procedure for about 10 times with the same conclusion of idling for 30 seconds and stalling. It would stay running if I accelerated the RPMs, but stall soon as it hit idling speed. 

I then Decided to clean the idle air control valve out which was definitely sticky and a lot smoother after doing so. However my problem consists.  

I then tore apart into my timing belt job to ensure all my marks align up, and sure enough they do. The rear cam was kind of difficult to see, it could be a half of a tooth advanced but that’s it. 

I really do not want to tear into the timing belt to !Removed! that half of a cog or tooth, but I’m running out of options. Thoughts?

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