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L/CERTIFIED Vehicle Service Agreement

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I have a Lexus certified 2016 GS350, which has the 6yr/unlimited mile warranty.  I'm thinking of keeping the car after the warranty expires as a cheap daily driver.  I ran across the L/Certified VSA promo on the Lexus website saying that I could extend the warranty coverage on my certified car (if purchased before the certified warranty runs out) from 1 to 5 additional yrs/unlimited miles.  My questions are: 1) Is this particular warranty (L/Certified VSA) a good warranty, is it essentially an extension of the original certified warranty?  The exclusions listed make it seem like it's fairly comprehensive with normal wear and tear items excluded like tires and brakes and surfaces, but covering most everything else (I think???).  2) Has anyone had experience with the Lexus VSA type of warranties, are they better or the same as the 3rd party VSAs?  I see owners posting about the Gold and Platinum Lexus warranties, but not the L/Certified VSA program, so I don't know if there's any difference between the programs.  3) Any approximate pricing on this warranty?

Thank you for any information you can give me.  I like to know experiences from actually users instead of relying on some sales person at a dealership, who is probably more interested in making a sale than giving unfiltered answers to my questions.

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