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2000 RX300 to tow? Second car, looking at buying a tent camper


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Hi. I have a 2000 RX300 with 230k mi which I bought six months ago as a second car. Other than replacing rotors/brake pads and calipers it runs like a top and I like it a lot. I drove a 2010 350 today and was so bored I almost fell asleep. I like the 300 much more.

 I am looking at buying a lightweight pop up (prob mid 2000 lbs) and am wondering what others would think of towing with this. I live in a pancake flat part of Florida. My other car is a lease and I do not want to install a hitch. I don’t think I have the tow package. I have read the forums. I am rated to 3500 lbs but would need to get the hitch etc installed. As of now this vehicle has no issues. Am I crazy to consider using it for medium distance (1-2 hour) tow trips? When my lease is up we may buy a new vehicle with a full blown tow package but we don’t want to wait to get a camper. Thanks for your time. 

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