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Critical Attention:  There is a problem with the RX450H with the advanced engineering of the idle  Engine shutting off,  as the engineering to conserve gas consumption, by shutting off the engine when not needing power to drive.  An famous person in North Dakota was Died as  a result of the Lexus RX450H in his garage, restarting after shutdown, as the owner did not turn off the engine. He thought it was "off" as he could not detect engine vibration, nor hear the engine. His mind was like the absent minded professor. 

I have the same problem. I park now outside of the garage, when I come home.  I am buying a NON hybrid as a result. 

Is there a key switch modification for the RX450H? So one would remove the Keys to "permanently shut the Engine off.   I turn on the ventilation system full blast to hear that the car engine is still "ON" and (turn the manual vents closed). As a result I still hear the rushing  "Noise" of the air conditioning or heater.  The  key switch still "on" and electrical power still supplied, even though the Hybrid Engine is not running. This helps, but something needs to be done, for those of us with the  elderly absent minded professor mindset. A 12  volt small light manually (saying "Reminder, Engine needs to be completely shut down"  installed to the 12 volt power source may be the answer.  The engine vibration fully  shuts off when the pushbutton Key stops all automatic  restarting of the gas engine. This may be the solution. 

Another solution may be when the Engine is running at IDLE for say 10-20 minutes to automatically shutdown for the RX450H. I would invite Reader Comments to this discussion of the "Critical Attention, death of carbon monoxide in Garage.  I would appreciate suggestions as soon as convenient. 

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