2000 SC300 rough idle and loss of rpms but not all the time.

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My sc300 will run fine one minute and will idle rough the next. Rpms will drop and the car acts like it will cut off but doesnt. Then it will go back to normal just to do it all over again. I dont have the slightest clue what the issue is. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. 

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Had the same issue. Ended up being the alternator. It goes slowly at first and makes the engine just behave weirdly.  I was checking idle air control valve and wires to ecu from various components.  But i gave up and eventually it got worse  and because the alt goes slowly it wasn't till it was downright bad that I caught it.  It usually goes around 200k miles...

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    • By Wallybally
      Hi guys,
      Does anybody know when to replace the fuel pump resistor on my 1991 LS400 ?
      All data I can find, including the numbering on the thing itself says that it has to be 0,73 ohm, and when i measure it with my digital multimeter, the value is 1,9 - 2,0 ohm.
      Seems to me that when the secondary fuel pump relay (the yellow one, just above the resistor) switches to it, the fuel pump will be slower than spec.
      Should I replace it or just completely bypass it ?
    • By BarryHalls
      I read some of the earlier postings from others that have had this issue. It appears the problem can be one or more of several problems. I just wanted so advise on where I should look next.
      This is on a 1996 LS400, The car started idleing rough and had a strong fuel smell. I checked the codes and only one came back I believe P0306, cyl 6 not firing. Checked and then replaced plugs(NGR) and wires. Drove fine for a few miles and started again.
      I figure I need to replace the cap and rotors next. I also need to see if any of the caps are leaking in my ECU. (not sure where that is exactly) I also read that it could be an injector. Any help would be great.
    • By ToysNLexus
      Ok guys...yielding to the forum SOS! Which by the way, I've probably spent a day total reading around this site and it is an unbeatable resource and kudos to everyone for helping everyone.
      Storytime, the girlfriend has a '99 RX300 that started to idle rough and lack power and spitting CEL's...so, having built 3 Toyota 4x4's from frame up, including 2 engine re-builds, I jump right in. Here's what's transpired and what's been done:
      July 18th, 2013 - Codes pulled P0302, P0304, P0300 and P0120.
      ACTION - changed all Ignition Coils and all spark plugs and tested resistance on all fuel injectors but #3 (bugger to get at as I didn't remove intake). Also cleaned MAF sensor and changed air filter. Codes cleared.
      Car runs great for a day, lacks a bit of get up and go but no CEL.
      July 20th...Codes P0120, P1133, P1153 pop up, car doesn't sputter but lacks power off the line. I order TPS (P0120 related). Try measuring TPS and continuity seems fine but I'm taking no chances with the Mrs. car. Codes cleared, ECU reset with fuse pull.
      July 21st...TPS arrived, have not installed but additional codes popping up - P0110, P0100, P1154...cleared as I will be picking part up and replacing TPS shortly.
      July 24th...TPS in hand finally but not installed yet and the damn P0306 comes up again with car sputtering and CEL flashing.
      I will be testing both new and old TPS side by side this afternoon (bench test resistance), but I am in serious need of what else to look for if this doesn't solve my problems...I'm into this for some serious pocket change now and don't give up easily, plus my man card is on the line with the GF.
      With how many problems and the diversity of them, I'm thinking:
      - Ground wire problem?
      - A/F Sensor problem?
      - Plugged Cat? (What's the best way to check this anyways, rattle check?)
      Any and all help hugely appreciated!